Anyone up for some Xbox Live?

Discussion in 'General' started by Dude Man, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. So I'm probably gonna blaze up in about an hour (or less), and I've got the urge to play some Xbox, anyone wanna start up a game?

    I'll probably be playing Gears, but I've got Halo2, PGR3, DoA4 and Call of Duty 2, so if you're up for any of those, lemme know.

    Peace. :wave:

    Edit: Oh yeah, my gamertag's xQuikSilverx :D
  2. im down for anyone who has rainbow 6

    hit me up at

  3. You guys HAVE to get fight night round 3... It's like the cheapest and by FAR the best game for the price out for the 360! It's so badass man...

    My gamertag is Riophamus, hit me up if anyone wants to play this game.
  4. ill play you in some halo 2. my gt is:

    smokin ja

    and i only play halo 2 but im going out of town for a week so send me a request and we'll playwhen i come back
  5. MY 360 got the three red lights today so im waiting for a box to get it fixed.

    I have

    Guitar Hero 2
    Rainbow 6 Vegas
    Full Auto
    King Kong
    Far Cry Instincs: Predator
    Big Bumpin
    Sneak King
    Pocketbike Racer

    I also have ps3, which works. name on there is arefx.

    untold legends
  6. hah im down for some old red alert 2 if anyones still gotta disk, i havent played online in years.

    and id be down for some halo 2 if one of my six disks wasn't scratched/not working.
  7. Im down my 360 isnt hooked up right now but thats not a problem, also if anyone on psn wants to play resistence or motorstorm hit me up its Hot Dog Of Doom for both.

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