Anyone trying Virtual Reality?

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  1. Hey Blades,

    Who on the forums has experimented with some of the newer Virtual Reality technologies like Oculus, Samsung Gear VR or Google Cardboard?

    I got my first basic VR headset (Essentially the Google Cardboard but it has a head strap and is made of plastic with cushioning so it is more comfortable) yesterday and just played around with it a little in the Google Cardboard app.

    While the graphics and everything aren't great yet, especially with the cardboard like ones because you use your phone as the screen, it is definitely a pretty cool proof of concept. One of the modes you are flying next to some birds and you can look up and see the sun and clouds or down and it looks like you are flying over the landscape, pretty cool.

    Anyway, those who have tried some VR, what are some of the cooler apps/videos you have seen so far? I am definitely looking forward to getting a real VR headset like the Oculus, but I will be waiting until they become more affordable.
  2. Only Nintendo virtual boy, which no one remembers. The games were badass and fun.
    Only one color though, red. And it hurt your eyes after 1 hour.

    Wish Nintendo would try another one, with the massive technology improvements since I was a kid.
  3. Holy shit that takes me back, good ol' Virtual Boy...I don't even think I could wear it for an hour before it started hurting haha.

    It wouldn't surprise me if Nintendo got into the VR game, especially with the fact that Playstation is releasing their own VR headset this fall in October, but the price is going to be $500 initially, whereas the little headset I got that holds my phone was like 30 bucks
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    Oculus, and it's the future of computing, for a first generation product it already kicks ass, imagine where it will be in ten years, it's actually scary....
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  5. I have the google cardboard. Toyed with the idea buying a Samsung Gear but figured I would wait a little longer until VR really takes off.

    Google cardboard was fun. It gives a glimpse of what's to come. VR is definitely the future. Once they get things ironed out it's going to ruin lives :laughing:
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  6. Haha oh it sure is, some people are going to not leave their houses if they can go anywhere in a headset!

    And also may ruin some relationships haha, I watched a demo of, lets say an adult video...and I gotta tell you it was pretty damn interesting and I could see them improving it and getting pretty crazy.
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  7. So they're finally going to make VR waifu's huh.
    Jeaaaaaaaah boyeeeeeeeeee.
  8. VR will be the end to our society. Bruce Willis proved this already...
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  9. I had great hopes for VR back in the early 90's but it died out,
    a pity as then every gamer went to big screen lcd/led tvs,
    I still remember the 9 foot screen you get when strapping these head sets on

    mind blowing really
  10. Technology is not advancing like we thought it would.
    When virtual boy was out, like 25 years ago (guessing), i thought in 20 years this would be plugged directly into my brain.
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  11. I'm hearing the next generation PlayStation will have va????
    I have a ps3. See no need for a ps4 yet but I would get the fifth one.
    Sounds pretty bad ass. Maybe then I will like cod.
  12. Once it's been out awhile and they work bugs out and hopefully the price goes down a little, I'll definitely be getting the Oculus.

    With all these vr products coming out and animation becoming so realistic it's hard to tell if it's animated or live action, makes you wonder what's next.

    It's an amazing time to be a gamer though!

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  13. It will be mediocre at best, as the ps4 was not designed with VR in mind, for now Oculus and the HTC Vive are the only players that matter imho, sure Sony will sell a bunch but the cutting edge stuff wil be on the Oclulus/HTC Vive

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  14. i have a feeling VR won't last. just like 3D came and went....
    in the memories of the few people who actually buy one.
  15. I'm not often wrong on tech trends.... Talk to me in ten years, VR will be everywhere imho

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  16. Honestly with me just trying the basic headset with my phone and not even experiencing Oculus yet, I feel like this will definitely become a trend that sticks around for a while, the fact that you can immerse yourself in another world/area is the really cool part I am just imagining a POV video of someone backcountry snowboarding and you just seeing the powder spray over you and everything, it is pretty cool to think of the possibilities.

    As far as gaming goes, I am sure it will be a couple years before there is any really quality content but if they get the price point down a little and make it easier for an average consumer to buy a headset, I am sure the content will start being worked on a lot more.
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  17. Happy Rift day everyone, consumer version of the Oculus Rift was released today for people who had preordered it, interested to see how everything launches. And hopefully find one of my friends who bought one so I can go get a peek at what it is like. I will definitely want to get one eventually when there is more content available and they work out some of the kinks (just assuming there will be kinks like there is with any major new hardware)
  18. I'll talk to you in 10 years when everyone who bought one has killed their eyesight.
  19. Eh, staring at a computer screen and cell phone all day is going to kill your eyesight almost as quick, I also doubt someone who has one will be using this thing for multiple hours a day.

    Again, it is a really interesting new piece of technology and I look forward to seeing what comes of it.

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