Anyone try Triple Cheese?

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  1. Hey friends, has anyone tried Triple Cheese by Barney's Farm? I'm intrigued by it and giving it some thought for the lineup. How was the grow? How was the smoke? I've actually never had a cheese before.

  2. I've smoked the strain double cheese before the stuff got me stoned lol, my friend had 8ozs of it and you could smell it when he pulled up in his car and he had all the windows shut.. So I'm guessing triple cheese would be even worst lol
  3. Lol. Nice.
  4. Hi mate I'm running this strain right now I'm in week 2 of flower haven't grown it before but shouldn't be too bad, my friends have smoked it before and it's a great smoke!
  5. What I do know is it's a really strong plant and takes well to the temperature chnages! Supercropping and bending branches, topping and defoliation it just seems to take it with no effect I've lollipopped it so much and it just seems to keep growing it takes nutes like a pro too, I've upped my nutes quite a bit to even full strength with no signs of nuts burn I'll highly recommend this strain. PS I've got 6 in a 2.4x1.2 tent and two have grown a lot bigger than the other 4 which is unusual but maybe the 4 smaller ones haven't finished the stretch yet! Love it
  6. I'm smoking some now..Not bad..Maybe I will get some seeds!
  7. Nice!
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  8. What are your thoughts on defoliation buzzer? Been thinking about it for a while now just taking fan leaves through flower? Any help
  9. Not sure..another highly debated subject..I only take leaves when they are dead, dying, in the dirt, or I can't find a place to tuck them..
    My lil jungle last week (at 4 wks in)..LOL
    8-12-17 1.jpg
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  10. Okay Thankyou, That's nice what do you think you will yield from that one? Looking good bro!
  11. Your welcome..There are FOUR plants in there (got carried away..LOL) 2xGDP on the right, Mystery in the middle, and 00 Kush on the left..Can't wait to see what GDPs bring..They are real fatties :)
    00 Kush is great too..grew it last time and still have some in jars.
    last grow I found 3 seeds in the 00 Kush and 9 in another plant..guess she self pollinated for self preservation..Kept them just in case (Probably carrying the Hermie gene, but who knows)
    Yield guesses are beyond me..I gave up long ago..LMAO
    crystal bsll.gif
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  12. Cool dude all the best, drop me an inbox once it's done I'll love to see the results!
  13. Same back at you..I think maybe 2-3 weeks more then the fun begins..:)
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  14. I love cheese although I've never tried this particular cross. The Cheese strains all originated from a peculiarly potent and strong smelling phenotype of the original Skunk #1 back in the late 80's. I had a fantastic Exodus Cheese for a number of years in my rooms and everyone loved it.

    Good luck

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  15. Thanks, everyone, for the posts.
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  16. Ive grown tripple cheese from barneys 3 times once i had a hermie out of the 3 unsure if this was genetic or due to a mistake i made. My other girls where fine. I grow in 20l of lightmix boi bizz. Cheese is a heavy body stone. Mine is smooth and covered in tricomes defoo worth a grow if you have room. Ive grown almost everything from barneys and my only problems came with the cookies kush and tripple cheese. Although from my knowledge girl scout cookies comes from a hermi strain and some are hermi prone.
  17. I've cut the cheese if that counts....
  18. I hate cheese. Its all we could get round here for years. An in all those years there were only 2 or 3 good variations. The rest were gash.

    Imo for what its worth is dont bother with cheese.
  19. Well, I went with it. VERY bushy 3' plant, 2 weeks into flower. Smells musty.
    The cheese is on the right. [​IMG]
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  20. What size tent ? Looking good I flipped mine into flower alot smaller than that and got around 4 and half oz off one. Had around 20 tops

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