Anyone try or know anything about these strains?

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  1. Fuckin' bumpity bump bump... I need atleast someone's opinion. 79+ views and not one fucking response.
  2. blue mystic seems good don't now how good yet as i'm getting ready to put clones into flower probable next week and from what i hear sage is just huge
  3. you can't really expect many people to reply when you made such a huge list... you could easily search up reviews for a lot of them if you tried...
  4. here...

    for first grow you really should just grow some bagseed, otherwise if you really want to buy a pack, I'd start off with a cheaper pack just incase you fuck things up.. which is very possible. trust me, a lot of unexpected things can go wrong. personally I'd never really want to pay more than $40 for them ever... some seedbank prices are just ridiculous. for cheap packs nirvana and kc brains are the two cheapest breeders you'll find. these aren't necessarily bad plants at all.. they can grow some amazing plants and both companies have won some awards at various cannabis festivals. the reason they're cheaper is because these are many generations later of some of these plants, so there are multiple different phenotypes of each strain that could show up, but some of those could be really nice...

    pretty much anything by nirvana is fine... just read the descriptions they give you and choose what sounds good to you.

    for kc brains, I've heard some bad things about some of his strains, but some seem to be nice. the 3 I'd pick from would be Leda Uno, Brain's Choice, and Brain's Damage....

    stepping up a little bit in price and possibly quality look at Mandala Seeds or Tiki Seedbank...

    then a little more expensive (arouind $30 a pack) but supposed to be VERY good genetics are strains by Spice Brothers.... particularly the C99 or any of his crosses that use C99.

    also, I don't know much about all of those seedbanks. personally, I'd only use and
  5. But that'll mean a big yeild, right?

    And I have, but many of these strains listed aren't very popular... so there's only so much I can find.

    Yeah, that's what I'm thinking of doing. I'ma buy a cheap pack and grow them, see how things turn out. And thanks for your input, I greatly appreciate it.

    Then why not reply with a response that'll help me out instead of telling me you know them?
  6. no man. dont getum by mail. my buddys brother did that and got totaly fucked over by police. they had a dog at the post office.
  7. Well sensing alot of people on this board have come through with their shipments, I think I'ma give it a go.
  8. There is a plant called God Bud?

    Well shit...I'd say get that :D
  9. Word... looks dank from the pictures I've seen:

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

  10. i've had that, or something amazingly similar. my friend didnt know what it was, we got it from his guy. its not a couchlock or anything but i listened to a lot of dead and floyd baked on it.
  11. i grow ppp any questions just ask
  12. Right now I've got some God's Gift bud, maybe different from God Bud, but this shit is dank! Sticks to my fingers so much

    Edit- hahaha just realized I resurrected a hella old thread. Sorry.
  13. you also list alot of less popular strains. heck... MOST smokers have no idea what they're actually smoking. in my 23 years of smoking, i've only had 4 named strains... thai, kali mist, durban poison & skunk #1 none of which is in your list.

    i DO have some cheaper nirvana pure power plant seeds (never grew a single bud in my life yet... just leaflet trim until my plants stress out and die) as well as a few other choice sativa dominants.

    definately check my "best strains according to EVERYONE" thread out! according to experienced growers and smokers, blueberry is the best in the world and haze is a close second. haze isn't too practical to grow though as it's a tree sized tropical sativa.

    i'd say DEFINATELY consider kali mist! it might not be as well known, but it was NEVER rated lower than #2 in anyone's list that it appeared in and it is the ONLY strain i was willing to pay over $50 to acquire having smoked it once. kwik kali is likely an inferior knock off polluted by indica. real KM has an awesome spicy red pepper flavor and the happiest high i've EVER experienced. it wasn't at all trippy (or paranoid) like the thai i prefer, but it did make me clean my entire house with a stupid grin while humming "don't worry... be happy" when i had intended to trip out on some tunes that i couldn't sit still for. it's also rumored to be a favorite with the ladies and i could see how all of that happy energy could lead to instant nookie from the one time i tried it. you just have to direct all that joyous energy somewhere on kali mist!

    more than kali mist though, i gravitated towards cinderella 99 because it's trippy like thai yet tastes like pineapple with a mellow floral odor unlike it's more popular relative super silver haze which has an unsubtle skunk odor. if you think skunk is a good thing, try super silver haze. C99 also grows very fast like an indica despite it's sativalike high. C99 crossed with a pure sativa produces grapefruit which might be even better yet, but there aren't many details on that one. i'd have gone with grapefruit once i learned about it if i didn't already have C99 splash beans.

    skunk #1 is definately one of the top 10 strains, but even at 75% sativa, i wasn't impressed with it when i tried some as it was pretty much the same as EVERY other crappy couchlocking indica i'd ever smoked. it could be that the grower chose indy dom phenos as well as harvested too late ruining the buzz though. it's often called a top "euphoric" strain, but i just wasn't feeling it like i was with kali mist.

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