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Anyone try firecrackers?? I got questions.

Discussion in 'Weed Edibles' started by Bonniewalberg, Feb 13, 2009.

  1. ok, I'm going to be picking up this afternoon, and I was thinking of making some firecrackers to start off.

    I've been hearing that you use anywhere from .5 to 1g, but which should it be,
    I dont want to waste it and put in too little, and I dont want to put too much in and be on my ass all night lol,

    So here is the deal, I'm a pretty hardcore pot smoker, I can handle my highs,
    but I've never ATE weed before

    what would you recommend, .5 or the full 1g?????
    How long does the high last?

    thanks ahead of time. :hello:
  2. Well lets just say I used .7ish g each and ate two of them... then I almost died. I wouldn't go for too much more than a gram, but not too much less.

    Depends on the quality of your weed. If your using schwag, more is better. If your using dank, less is more.
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    yowza, so you ate about a 1.5?? "almost died"...what was the buzz???
    This stuff should be farely decent bud I'll be using
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    Well to be clear, I was already sick, and the point where I almost died was when I got up too fast.

    I think 1g of quality bud should get the job done?

    My logic was this: They are supposed to get you high for 6-10 hours. I made two with a medium amount of bud. This way if after an hour the first one wasn't enough I could toss in another. This is where I over-shot? I was at .7g then popped up to 1.5g right in the middle there sounds good to me?

    maybe just make one with 1.5g and see how it goes? With this type of thing though there are several variables. Your tolerance, your bud quality, and other things.
  5. #5 Bonniewalberg, Feb 13, 2009
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    wild, I did that once with shrooms, you think you arent getting high enough , so you eat more than BOOM welcome to fuckedville,

    I'll try a gram maybe for the first time, just to see how I handle it lol
    , thanks alot for the info!!:hello:
  6. firecrackers are the shit. id say 1g should get u suffieciently fucked up. try to get the all natural peanut butter. the more oil the better

  7. cool cool, I woulda thought the peanut butter would melt out of the crackers, that doesnt happen at all???
  8. Dude, the peanut butter turns crusty kind of and shitty. These are by far the worst thing I have taste that I intentionally put into my mouth.

    Make sure you wrap them in tin-foil, oh and if yours go like mine, your whole house is going to smell of fresh baked cookies... a very misleading smell.
  9. yeah the taste wasnt so great, but a glass of milk really helps get em down. also, i recommend using those cinnamon sugar gram(cant spell it the right way for the life of me) crackers, cause that makes the taste much more bearable.

    i remember the first time i ate fire crackers. ate one with a gram of dank in it, then about 45 minutes later went and smoked 2 bowls of beasters with my sister. the high from smoking hit me at the same time as the high from the edibles. it was no doubt the highest ive been in my life
  10. I would say .5 is a fine amount. Just don't make the same mistake as me, eating them at 10am, thinking I'd be fine for school at 6pm. Nononono baaad idea. My eyes were completely shot for the rest of the day, even coming home at 10pm, my mom was talking about my redeye.
  11. I ate one at 6ish am, and it didn't hit me the entire time I was at school. Although, I did sleep all day during my classes, and soon after I was sick.

    But I don't think I got high. I did something wrong.
  12. use about .6 on one cracker
    preheat oven to 350 degrees
    cook for 22 minutes
  13. Hmm. I'm not too experienced with measurements, how much is a gram? I remember from some salvia that I bought that the vial it came in was 1 gram, but that seems like a lot of weed to put on a cracker.
  14. a gram is about the surface of a half dollar coin , covered with weed
  15. There is a sticky at the top of this page. That could help you with your questions. :rolleyes:
  16. i made my firecrackers last night with all natural pb and a gram of good mids. after mixing the weed in with the pb (seems better to mix it as more oils can come in and ensure all the thc is absorbed). i put it in my closet last night at 1am. its now 4pm. you think if i put it in the oven for 22 mins itll be good or should i wait a day or two
  17. Do you know how uncrustables are made? PB&J on bread with a circle pressed, i don't know what the thing is called but I have one. Think you could make something like that and toast it in the oven? (wrapped in foil of course)
  18. Do this to make it taste better
    I jus thought of it Melt chocolate and soak it and put it on wax papper then let dry
    then you ave a chocolate covered fire cracker

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