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anyone try dna's cataract kush?

Discussion in 'Cannabis Seeds Banks' started by andy83, Oct 16, 2009.

  1. ended up getting a pack of dna's cataract kush to replace an item that was out of stock, anyone have any experience with this strain or a smoke report? ...hows the high?

    heres the description they give but i dont really trust these


  2. ive never personally had it, but i read in skunk magazine that it was actually pretty good.
    it made the milfs page and it was literally covered in triches.
    very small plant.
    size of lowrydrs.
    but it loooks way better.
  3. [quote name='andy83']ended up getting a pack of dna's cataract kush to replace an item that was out of stock, anyone have any experience with this strain or a smoke report? ...hows the high?

    DNA Genetics holds a high standard, prolly my 2nd fav. company besides SOMA--thats just cause i love that old dude :hello:. Anywho, I cannot comment about the Cataract Kush, because i have never had the pleasure of smoking it. However, I can comment about CK's parents... OG is by far my favorite strain of alltime, grate (pun-intended) smoke, and confidential got me shaky high... Putting those 2 together can be no worse than a win-win. Maybe someone who has smoked/grown the strain can give you more insite.

    If you dont mind me asking. What was the strain you original chose?
  4. yea Im gorwing it now, I got a pack with the Kandy kush and some jackflash. The cataract kush as you already know its La confidentialxOGkush, kandy kush is trainwreckxOGkush, and the jack flash is so many I dont even wanna name them.

    But the Catarct kush is a fast grower for an almost pure indica, it stays very short. Mine is only 1 and 1/2 foot tall and starting to bud. The leaves are darker but the buds are looking very covered in trichromes.

    Iv heard that this is a futur cup winner, its just really new to the DnA line.
  5. You can trust DNA's breeder descriptions IMO. I've grown out 4 of their strains and they all grew, finished, smoked, and even looked just as they said. La confidential is some great smoke, can't imagine the OG will do anything but good.

    There are a bunch of videos on Youtube from them. In one of them they describe how La dominates when crossed, so expect something similiar to it.

    Best of luck with them beans, your going to have some FIRE in your bowl soon!
  6. Cant wait to get these finished! When I went with greenhouse, their seeds sucked! I only got one plant to grow. The rest sprouted out of the ground,but never grew. They just stayed in suspension or something! I did get one White Widow out of it though.
  7. I have just bought the seeds, being very curious about this promising strain. :D
  8. SMOKER TYPE: Morning, Afternoon, and Night

    SMOKER's PREFERENCE: I usually reach for the heavy indicas

    CONSUMPTION METHODS USED: My glass pipe and glass water bong

    FAMILIARITY: I have grown the plant and smoked about an ounce.


    BUZZ: 9/10 : Starts in the face and over the next 5 minutes builds to a very strong body buzz that spreads throught the rest of the body.

    HIGH: 9/10 : Very narcotic and produces mega couch lock

    TASTE: 9/10 : Has an unexpected lemon-ey diesel flavor.

    POTENCY: 9/10 : This stuff is very potent, I continuously make the mistake of smoking this shit in the morning and it fucks up my whole day... It is 12:30 now and I haven't even started my day yet.

    The plants look great! Big fat tops on every branch. Even the very bottom branches produce rows of fat buds! My plants were good to go after eight weeks of flowering. This plant was the highest yeilding and most potent out of any strain I have ever grown. This is the strain to keep!
  9. Must be good if its from DNA genetics. They are definatley in the top 10 for best breeders. If not number one.
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    nice man, started 6 dna reg seeds CK. really looking fwd to smoke them .
    after reading all the positive comments made my expectations even higher and they were allready pretty high for this species.( hehehe but i like high a lott :) )
  11. hopefully you got it from attitude and are getting the free confidential cheese with it. i got mine:D
  12. ive been growing DNA stock for a couple of years now,always the bollocks and custemer service is second to none ... brill compony to deal with ..
  13. Attitude was having a promo a while back where if you bought a 6 pack of feminized Cataract Kush seeds or Kandy Kush, there were a few strains you also got a 6 pack of LA Confidential X Cheese. I went ahead and purchased the Cataract and I've got about 4 weeks of flowering left to go. These plants are not major yielders but the buds they do produce are all dense, crystal covered buds with like a metallic sheen to them. All of my plants with the exception of 1 Cataract look exactly like LA Confidential plants because I hear LA Con. genes dominate whatever strain it is crossed into. All the plants are real dark nearly black with shiny leaves with the exception of 1 I call the "OG pheno" because the leaves are green instead of black and the buds look totally different compared to the other Cataract plants. It's only been flowering for 4 weeks and already the Calyx are swollen and gray. These are going to be some dank plants even if they are a little bit light on the yields.
  14. I am growing one right now and I have to say of the 3 I have going I am by far most disappointed with the Cataract. If the buzz isnt super duper slamming good I will be highly upset. I MIGHT get an OZ and 1/4 off it. The smallest plant I have ever grown. And even if the buzz is the best ever. I wont have this on my want to do again list. I dont care to spend 4 months for just over an oz. Thanks but no thanks.
  15. I have come to expect low yields from very potent plants such as OG Kush and Purple Urkle and Grand Daddy Purple. The thing about Cataract though is it takes low yields to a new level. All the nugs are extremely dense and I have been growing them in 3 or 5 gallon Smart Pots with premium custom blended potting soil. I have used all organic grow methods and organic fertilizers at low doses. This is not my "irst rodeo". I even give my plants Vermi T Organic Worm compost tea. Still, even with my plants SCRoG'd my plants yields are still somewhat small. I am running 2 1000 watt lights and growing a total of 3 plants under each 1 so lack of light is not an issue. It is just a low yielding strain. I have ordered some Cali Connect Tahoe OG and some Blackwater. I am also germinating some Emerald Triangle seeds to give them a try but Cataract looks cool, I just hope a miracle happens and it puts on tons of weight in the last 4 weeks or so of flowering which I doubt.
  16. I'm not sure if you have ever grown OG before but I have never grown an OG or Chem plant that was an especially large yielder unless extreme measures were taken. OG and Chem are both slow yielders and while the yields may look smaller to the eye the buds are generally extremely dense, flavorful, and potent. You can grow Chem or OG plants to large sizes if you veg them longer and spend a ton of money on nutrients. Personally, what I do is use a custom soil blend. You can look up recipes on the internet. A lot of premium potting soils are a good start but they are not full of everything the cannabis plant needs so it is a real rushed process. The best thing to do is to try to amend the soil the best you can, budget permitting. It is easy to spend a couple grand just on soil and amendments to the soil for a grow. Not even counting the electricity if you're growing indoors and the equipment. So, really, in my view OG is a good strain to smoke, but it is not a particularly good strain for people who are "cash croppers" who want strains that veg really fast and produce humongous buds and are really consistent. Sorry to say, most OG I've grown has not been that way.

  17. Nope, I have never grown OG or Chem before. This is as close to it as I have come. For me its about time vs how much I need for that time. I have very limited space so I can only grow a few at a time. Considering its a 4 month turnaround basically my few have to produce enough for me to smoke for 4 months.
  18. I see what you're saying. I am a medical marijuana patient and I live in Oregon. I am also my own grower and our states law is we are allowed to grow 6 plants and have 1 pound of weed on hand at any given time. We can also have 21 "starts" or clones which are under 12" tall and 12" wide. It is very hard to grow enough weed with 6 plants to last 4 months. One thing I would recommend is to find a really good strain that has really good yields. Of course vegging the plant longer can increase yields but genetics is more to do with it than anything. One strain I grew that had really big yields was World of Seeds Afghan Kush. It is not as strong as OG because it is a Landrace that grows wild in Afghanistan but the seeds were a lot cheaper and the yields were huge and consistent. It was probably one of the biggest yielding plants I've ever grown and although it was a little bit wild tasting it was still really crystalized and dense buds and people liked it a lot. So, the key is to find a really good strain that yields a lot. I'm still looking for that strain. I like OG Kush and Chem Dawg and all the top shelf connoisseur quality smoke so yield is not so important to me but 1 thing you can do which I started doing the last couple of grows is to use the SCRoG method. It makes the buds grow so much wider and way bigger than normally would. I use a net made out of string or metal screens that I buy at garden supply stores and they really help your yields a lot. I totally know how you feel about not having enough bud to last 4 months. Its hard to make 6 plants last 4 months at a time. Luckily, our town has a collective of growers in case we run out of bud we can buy some in a store right down town =)
  19. Cataract kush thats a great name. Sometimes I smoke so much I can't read anything.

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