Anyone try 'Blue Cheese' strain?

Discussion in 'Introduce Yourself' started by CALAMITY671, Jun 14, 2019.

  1. So I just got some Blue Cheese, and I would say this just became my new favorite indica.

    It has such a nice mellow smell and it isn't harsh. Even when u grind the bud it creates much more kief than other flowers. I looked at it using a jeweler's loupe and the trichomes were a beautiful milky white. The thc was practically bulging too. Reminiscent of a murky white rain drop. The kief too was extremely good looking.

    The High:
    The high gets you relaxed and calm, but you dont feel sedated and tired. You're able to keep awake, but feel extremely calm. You're still able to move around while being clear headed. So in my opinion this gives you the clear headed of sativa, while delivering a body calming indica. It's a near perfect blend.

    Blue Cheese: rate 8.8/10
    Ranked as my second favorite strain marijuana and first ranked first on my favorite indica.

    Rank 1: Kona Gold 9.3
    The best weed I've ever tried in my life. It's a pure sativa strain. It gives you that mind altering high while being focused. No sleepiness just happy soulful vibes. It feels like everyone's wonderful and that you love the world and everything about life and existence. It just makes you feel super happy. Its preferable to smoke this with others that way all can experience the intense happiness together.

    Oh yeah I'm high as like the atmosphere right now so yeah. What's your top 2 strains?

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  2. blue cheese is amazing. Barneys farm is the best imho. I had some nice blue amnesia in dam last week and that was smooth as hell but nice and earthy due to the cheese.
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  3. It's a good strain any kind of cheese strain is good imo dude:confused_2:
  4. This is my first time trying a cheese strain. I usually smoke sativa flowers, and I'm not really a fan of indica flowers. Though I think I might like this 'Blue Cheese'. It makes me want to try other Cheese strains.

    Its sad though that Cheese strains are hard to come by where I'm from.

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  5. This blue cheese is great. Just rolled me a blunt with it and oh boy I'm gonna have some fun later on. IMG-20190609-WA0002.jpg

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