Anyone tried this?

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  1. Oracle Bud BC Seeds

    35 days flowering? Is this true? Has anyone tried to grow this strain?
  2. that is some b/s

    ive NEVER seen a plant that could produce that much that fast
    you can do all the selective breeding you want
    but its taken us about 20 years of domesticating cannabis and selective breeding just to raise the thc content of the plants from 8% to our beasty 25% so the statement that link claims is over 45% thc in 30 days of flowering??

    i call bs:wave:
  3. WOW! $1,995USD for 10 seeds... what a deal!
  4. Seriously, $200 a seed. I don't care how fast it flowers. I will wait the extra 30 days and save my money.
  5. THC % was 45% LOLOLOLOL no wayyy
  6. Yeah, it's bull.

    You see these kind of ridiculous claims here and there from places selling seeds, because they can get away with it.

    It's not like you can sue them for false advertising when you realize you've been sold a line of BS. Besides that, when someone spends 2k on some seeds, they would rather convince themselves that the bud is worth it, rather than admit they got conned.
  7. I believe everything about that strain, except for the plant odor, no way would it be moderate!
  8. At first I was like :rolleyes:, and then I saw the pricetag and I was like :eek:.

    2,000.00 for 10 seeds. The saddest part is, I'm sure a few people have spent the money on them.
  9. Sounds farfetched,
    but i can vouch they actually do send you seeds
    they add extra too :)
  10. I bet they don't add the Oracle Bud

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