Anyone tried Stichs Love Potion (Auto) recently?

Discussion in 'Marijuana Seeds Banks' started by Kanon, Nov 14, 2014.

  1. Was reading up some reviews on it and most of what I got was that the older packs of these were pretty good but the newer ones are super autos or not auto flowering at all, and because of space restrictions I can only grow autos. Anyone have a recent or past experience that could help me out? Was planning on ordering from seedsman (first time) so any experiences with them would be helpful too. Thanks for reading :)


    My experience last week with seedsman--RIPPED OFF--EMAILED AND GOT NO WHERE.
  3. Good seedbanks are Herbies, Attitude, Nirvana. I just got some love potion from Herbies and am starting them now. Got them in a week! Amazing!
  4. I too have space issues --also heat issues--and autos work far better for me.
    I used to use seedsman--and others---but I couldn't get Seedsman to fix the last order they botched so I went back to Herbies all auto site--all the freebies are auto there too!

    I used to think HERBIES was too expensive--but I just looked when I re-ordered to get the beans Seedsman refused to send me--and noticed HERBIES IS CHEAPER TOO!

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