Anyone tried seedism seeds

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  1. Has anyone had any experience with seedism seeds, i have been looking at their blzbud and cheese wreck, the blzbud is a cross of g13xsilver hazextrainwreck it looks very tempting indeed, so has anybody used seedism before are they good genetics/breeder.
  2. Someone posed the same query about 6 weeks ago and got no response. Somebody has to go first. :p

    They do look legit.

    If you go for it, let us know what happens.
  3. I have a Seedism Killawatt going right now in veg at almost a month and it looks awesome. Massive leaves and built like an Oak tree, so far it looks very solid.:smoke: I will keep everyone posted.

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  4. Thanks for the rerly's alatar and gecko991 will let u know how i get on and good luck with the killa believe its a big yeilder let us know how it goes.. Cheers chaps.
  5. Yes Gecko991, please let us know about that Killa Watt, because I want to grow that one day!!! Good Luck to all the Growers!!!!
  6. or, if not many familiar with seedism what would be your most potent seeds to get, got to be really strong and finnish in nine weeks.
  7. Deano, you should check out this thread. Lots of info and it addresses your question.
  8. Hi everyone, sorry to hijack such an old thread but here is why.

    I have been a member since 2012 but due to being too busy I have not been posting at all since last week!!
    I am the founder and one of the breeders from the Seedism collective.
    From now on I will try to answer all your questions in regard to our genetics as I will be here a lot more from today, and feel free to pm me if you have a private question.
    Seedism's Diesel | NYC Diesel X Sour Diesel
  9. im currently growing seedisms applejack, blzbud, cheese, diesel, elvis, hippy killer, killawatt, super sour kush, superglue, inside and out
    check out my thread on this forum.
    great results so far, with no hermies, all female, and looking great
    will post smoke reports when ready
  10. There cheese is legit!
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  11. I grew blz bud several years ago and had the exact pheno from the picture. The other two phenos were great too so Def feel like that's a safe bet. Plus look at the heritage. Post pictures if you do!

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