Anyone tried palm wraps?

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  1. I want to give blunts a shot but I am staying the hell away from tobacco. These things called sweet palm wraps seem promising but I have limited knowledge on how good they are. I'm don't care how close they are to real blunts I'm just concerned with flavor and burn. I roll elements all the time but they always end up wasting bud because they burn faster than I personally toke and when I bring them to the circle they are done before they make their way around. (Keep in mind I suck at rolling). Are these Palm wraps something that would be suitable to last a few passes and taste good? They are expensive but since I use my glass most of the time anyway it'd only be for certain occasions. I'm also open to any suggestions my only limitation is that tobacco scares the hell out of me and my friends want nothing to do with it either. Any help is good help. Thanks!
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    If you're not rolling them in tobacco then I think they're technically not a blunt so basically it sounds like you're just looking for something to roll with that will burn slower. I've never found Raws to run and I haven't tried the palm wraps but when I lived in Guatemala, I used corn husk frequently and loved it. Turns out that a company sells husks that are nice and thin and pre cut to size. I just ordered some then saw your post so thought I'd pass this on.

  3. Does the cornhusk stick to itself after you roll it? I've never thought of trying that.

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  5. I've only used husks from corn cobs and we would wet them down pretty good, roll them, and tie them using a vein from a husk if they were problematic. This product appears to come with "natural adhesive" which is probably a liquefied version of what's on most papers.

    I'm gonna use these for special occasions jays because otherwise they seem like a bit of a production to make compared to the Raws that I usually use.
  6. If you don't mind tobacco use Swisher sweets they're pretty good
  7. for hand rolling, the whiz kahlifa cone method is strait the fuck up legit! Basically you twist a little handle on one end. It pretty much comes together like magic after that. Makes it incredibly easy to hold onto when you are filling it with the good stuff and equally so whn adding a crutch or filter to the end.

    When I hand roll I roll it this way exclusively. By my third cone I was a pro at it and with a little ghetto modification on my technique I was rolling regular doobies too. Not as good as a hand roller but really good none the less. just look for it on YouTube.

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