Anyone tried cat food when they got the munchies

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by Uktoker117, Oct 22, 2014.

  1. I have tastes delicious just like shepards pie

  2. I don't even eat human food anymore. Cat food is where it's at
  3. See what i mean? First he hates joint smokers, now he's eating catfood.
  4. no but growing up my mom would cook food for the dogs (wtf right?) but anyway we would always have this big tub of brown rice, ground turkey and some shredded veggies in the fridge. and no lie, i would get baked and just grab a bowl and dish some of it up, season it and pop it in microwave if i was too lazy to make my own food

  5. Were there no other options

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  6. Theres some kids in North Korea eatin worse than your Fido.
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    i would look for a new shepherds pie recipe..
  8. Ummm.....No.
    Although one time I watched my cousin eat a whole bag of dog treats he thought were Cheetos.
    And I knew a biker who lived off Alpo dog food until he could pay off his bike.
    But cat food?
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    are we talking crunchy dry food or the wet and sloppy slab of chunks in a can
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    i can only imagine wet from a can.... wtf
  11. I've eaten dog treats a couple times just for shits and giggles. I share my food with my bird and bunny but not the other way around

    Bird + Weed + Papers = Good time
  12. You are a hater brooo.
    And no, but I've eaten dog treats
  13. I'm thinking if all I had available to eat was cat food I would lose a lot of weight.
  14. Id rather starve.
  15. Tuna fish, cat food. Same thing. Make a sanwich

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  16. My grandma does the same thing aha
  17. Yup. Was feeding my cats one night, too ripped to care and it smelled and looked fantastic. Chunks `n gravy.
    So they went light that night, as I had to try it.
    Fuckin` hell, it was like cigarette ash mixed with wood, and the gravy was like, fresh outa a girrafes ass.
    Chucked it up fairly rapid, and wrote a note to self on the fridge.
    My cats love it tho` so that one is crossed off the list now.
    Unfortunately, my wife saw the note first, and spent weeks telling me, in front of everyone, not to lick my ass in public.
    Bitch still brings that up at parties. 10-12 years on.
    Katkins chunks.  Don`t do it kids. It`s not for you. For a reason.
  18. Just say no.
  19. Dfkm lmfao cat food should never be an option if u could afford weed u can afford bloody food

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