Anyone tried any autoflowering strains outdoors?

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  1. Hello

    I have read lots about autoflowering strains growing indoors, but has anyone tried them outdoors?


  2. honestly, how many autoflowering strains are there out there? i only seen auto kush and thw lowryder varieties. i have tried a lowryder variety outside after my cuzn gave me it because he got it from his frend and he couldnt do anythign with it. it got to about maybe 10 inches tall and started to flower. i wouldnt suggest doing it as i have tried it and it didnt work for me. maybe someone else has had a better expeience but it would be my advise to go with an early flowering strain like early misty or early queen or sumthing of that nature before using a complete auotflowering strain. this way, you will get a larger pull overall/ plant as opposed to autoflowering strains. thats mu advice.
  3. yeah auto flower work good outdoors if you take care of them

    Dutch breed seeds has some nice ones

    and white dwarf from bug buddha

    LR is kinda shitty though
  4. So White Dwarf is considered better?
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    indeed. Because its basically a dwarf white widow plant.
    i will probly try white dwarf and blue barrel AK and make some

    Auto flowering Blue Russian.
  6. The only outdoor grow journal I have seen for auto strains was from this kid who buried a little peat pot with an auto seedling in it in totally unprepped soil--obviously it didn't grow well. Oh, and I saw a lowrider report on a UK forum--that grow took a hell of a lot longer to mature than what it was supposed to. Every report about lowrider #1 I have read has been negative. Lowrider 2 is suppose to be improved considerably. There are actually getting to be a nice variety of auto strains Greenmeany. Check out Dr. Chronic's site. Lowlife seeds sells an auto AK, Widow, Blueberry, and a few others.

    This is a good thread, though. My Pops wants to try them in the spring in his flower garden--he's getting too old to go hiking through the briars to the secluded parts of our property. So I'll have a report next summer for you. If anyone has tried these strains and has documentation, I'm sure there are a lot of us interested. I think these are the wave of the future. With development making safe outdoor spots rarer by the day, The potgrowing community really needs something stealthy. Hopefully auto will fit that niche.
  7. I am going to try 10 Auto Ak's and 10 Auto Diesel's outdoors...

    What would you guess would be the minimum amount of sunlight an auto strain could have to be successful? I am going to try to shoot for 8 hours or so of direct sunlight...
  8. yeah dude. auto's will take as much as they can get. all you need is 6 hours of direct. or a full day of indirect.

    I <3 AUTO"S
  9. anyone actually try that white dwarf
  10. bump. I'd sure love to get some input from people who have documented outdoor auto grows.
  11. do these mixes actually often yield good results? kinda like mixing purple and chronic and gettin something towards a 50/50 mix of purple and chronic?

  12. Hey dankohzee, ive got a thread up now in this forum, unfortunately i did not get round to going a full grow gournal but theyre about 1-2 weeks from finishing now and ill be adding some more photos today.

    They average around 21-22 cm's and are at their 9week stage now.

    ill be doing a smoke report etc. once chopped, dried,etc. :D


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