Anyone tried a T5 floro?

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  1. Hey Ya'll

    I've been at a grow store and explained how I can't use HPS with my heat situation and small space.

    The guy there kept saying how T5 would work well in my situation and he said he'll have some of those soon.

    I tried searching topics on T5 but found nothing. Seems to me that they have a low wattage. Only the really long ones are 80W and they are too long. He also said he'll have T5s with a full spectrum good for flowering and vegging.

    Anyone know anything about those T5s???
  2. i got a 2ft 4 bulb t5 light. they are actually t5ho, which is t5 high output, & 1 bulb puts out 2000 lumens & uses 24watts, so a total of 8000 lumens & 96watts. they make 2ft & 4ft bulbs, & sell them in single bulbs all the way up to 8 bulbs. the 4ft bulbs use 54watts & put off 5000 lumens, & they dont get very hot, i can keep my hand on the bulbs. when he says full spectrum, like mine, its 2 veg bulbs, & 2 flower bulbs in 1 unit, but i bought extra bulbs. you can check some out here
  3. Thanks for the reply

    Those products look great, but I live over the hills and far away, I don't think I can order stuff from there.

    Any experience with trying to flower with these things?
  4. I just got a T5 setup as well. I hear they're good for veg. I defintely want to end up getting HID for flowering tho. that or LED. have u looked into LED???
  5. Hmmm
    Hav'nt looked into LEDs and by chance I have a whole bunch of little leds just waiting to be used for something, what a great idea gonejah, i'm sure gonna try do something with them!
  6. i used 2 2ft t5ho (17,600 lumens) w/ 2 18" flouro tubes (1,700 lumens) a few grows ago, all the way through w/ 2 plants & i got a little over 3oz dry. so id say they work good, but i did invest in a hps for flowering now, but will still use t5 for veg. as for led, they are high $ right now. & u only need red & blue leds
  7. Funny thing is, I actually have a 400W HPS bulb ballast and a matching refelctor I took from that friend of mine. But There is no way to mount it in that closet of mine without roasting everything.

    And the thing about LEDs is that by chance I have like 100 little LEDS lying around (dont ask why). So i'm gonna try make a lamp from them and see what happens
  8. ask Vtec about LED grows hes very knowledgable and helpful. He has grown with LED - check out his thread. I would link it but I dont know how lol. dont give me the credit for the LED idea tho I just saw it on here :). think the price is coming down a little Im not sure. check out VTEC's thread for real. if u dont know who I mean by VTEC check my grow journal uve been on it I know and hes commented recently.
  9. I just set up a grow box in a rubbermaid container using 2 2ft t5 lights, and with one exhaust vent and three small intakes, the box is almost completely cool (the exhaust isn't even hot!!). I definitely recommend trying some, and you can buy them at home improvement stores like Lowes or Home Depot.
  10. 2 bulbs??? how many lumens is that??
  11. ps heres a pic of my t5 setup, not sure how many lumens ill check

  12. I'm not 100% sure of how many lumens, as I can't seem to find reliable numbers for t5's (and if you can't tell, I'm quite new to growing). My best estimate for the two 2 ft. lights is somewhat above 2000 lumens, which isn't a lot, but I don't have a very large grow box. If you want to see pics of my setup (and maybe leave some advice), you can look at:

  13. bollock to all that 24w lights and shit, you want to get yourself one of these
  14. seriously buy a envirlite 200w they are 13000 lumens each and low-heat self ballasted
  15. if I could only get one where I live...

  16. go to the link(darabbits) if you are in the states then they do international shipping

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