Anyone toke at school?

Discussion in 'General' started by Havok Se7en, Nov 3, 2011.

  1. When/where?

    I do it during our random 20-40 minute breaks we have at my school. I just use a sneak-a-toke hidden in my cigarettes, nobody knows/smells. :wave:
  2. I'm past school but I'm at TAFE which im in classes learning certain things for decoration (painting). Nothing like at lunch going in the car to toke, brings out a more artistic side of me lol
  3. I think it's just asking to get caught.
  4. In high school I would smoke out in the woods before/after school sometimes. It was a group of like 10+ kids that would just smoke weed and cigs on school grounds, looking back surprised I didn't get caught.

    Lmao I remember one time I was staying after to make up an easy ass geometry test. I went out to blaze before coming back in to take it, and I remember being way too high and just looking at All the shapes for like 30 minutes lol
  5. I used to smoke at school back in the highschool days...
    every god damned day, about 15 people all passing around pipes and smoking weed.
    nobody ever got caught there, and i can't even remember how many times the cops showed up. it was a lot, haha.
    oh, and we were toking about a block away from the school... on the sidewalk.
  6. When I was still in school, I had to hide behind the building and toke in the forest-y thing. Used to go out at lunch.
    Now in college, I smoke weed openly all over campus and no one ever says anything about it. Fuckin sweet.
  7. Used to lol then lived like 5 minutes away from it so I just went home munched out with a couple of friends.

    but I wouldn't risk right on school property leave somewhere off campus.
  8. I remember a close call I had in high school, when I brought a bag of weed and glass piece in my backpack. I went to the first class then ditched school after that, walking around and stuff like an idiot. Then I walked by the school once more and the police liaison stoped me, took me to the principals office, and asked me if I had anything on me that I shouldn't have. I was so freaking nervous, but I didn't get caught, learned a lesson though
  9. During the last 2 or 3 months of my senior year I smoked just about every day during school. My friends and I would smoke a joint during our free period together, and usually chilled on the big, comfy pole vaulting mats it was awesome.

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