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Anyone Tired of Being Looked Down Upon by Ignorant Non-smokers?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Silent Bob_, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. I've been up all night and over the course of this night this subject came across my mind many many of you hate it when some friend/family member/aquaintance finds out that you smoke....and then constantly thinks less of you for it? When i first started blazing, most people assumed that i was just trying it (even though i never said that) and then after about a year, i have more and more people just loving to give me shit for it, and not in a joking manner....suddenly I felt like i was less of a person or something? Why are we all treated so badly for something that doesn't affect anyone besides ourselves? The worst is my mom's own dissaproval of all my choices since the first time i got caught up back in high school, for the next couple years there was no trust between us...and i didn't like that...she was a single mom with 3 boys and 2 jobs (nurse) that were 12 hour shifts...and i felt like i was adding onto that stress because of something so stupid....How many of you has this happened to?

    P.S. Thanks for reading this 6 AM rant.
  2. it bugs me a lot too but its life as it is right now bro, just gotta either take a stand or just let the haters hate, they the ones missing out on insight and inspiration, peace:wave:
  3. Yes one of my ''friend'' is like this. He's the kin of guy who doesn't party. No drugs/alcohol.
    It is very annoying.
  4. no not really...just makes it that more clear on who is and isn't intelligent in society.
  5. Yeah it isent right, but whatever fuck em more weed for us :smoke:
  6. nah doesnt matter to me at all... at the end of the day my house payment is taken care of, my daughter is fed and clothed, and life is good. So i dont give a good god damn motherfuck who thinks or says shit about anything i do let alone smokin some weed. My mom might make a comment about it sometimes and i say.... go fuck yourself bitch. As long as all your business is in line and your the one takin care of it, why care about what ANYONE thinks.
  7. i usually don't care what anyone thinks...but it gets annoying as hell...and it's not easy to lose friends you've had for years because they "don't approve" or some other stupid shit....but there is hope, i showed a couple friends who were totally against legalization and stuff The Union...completely on my side now :D
  8. I agree with you mate. The last 3 words in the thread title sum it up, "ignorant non-smokers".

    I wouldn't let many people know that I smoke, purely because I know that generally it's frowned upon (in my line of work, what people think of me does have an effect on future work)...mainly by people who class it as a drug opposed to a herb, therefore anyone who smokes it is a reprobate.

  9. the best thing you can tell an ignorant non smoker is pro's of weed. if they still don't listen or research for themselves you can laugh
  10. Honestly it doesn't bother me too much because I kinda feel sorry for people like that. They're really missing out ya kno? I'm happy with my life and being an everyday smoker.
  11. Yes it gets quite old being looked down upon by your family members. It's not like they're all perfect people anyways so even if smoking was wrong I'd be no worse than them.
  12. My dad told me it would make me mentally ill, and my mother cried. It made me feel like a bad son for making them upset. They just think marijuana is another evil drug.
  13. I know exactly how that mom told me once that smoking every once in a while is ok, equating it with her glass of wine when she has a day off....but my family still has a largely negative attitude to it, and they still hold it against's really about judgemental
  14. over the past like 6 months one of my bestfriends and I have been getting in the stupidest fights over stupid shit and i believed it was because he judged me for smoking, we cleared things up and are trying to put it behind us but i completely feel you on the fact that people put you down because you smoke, its bullshit. The funniest part is that im smarter then a majority of the people that look down on me for it, so i just think of that when someone tries to put be down because of it. However, i've been caught 3 times for pot by my parents and still smoke, my mom has finally accepted it but it's weird knowing that i dont have to hide it from her. So because she knows our relationship is getting better i feel because i can be honest about anything with her, still doesnt change how people who dont smoke look down on smokers as stupid, brain dead, dumbass' who smoke pot all day, most of the time its the other way around, i feel.
  15. it used to bug me. but nowadays, it doesn't bother me at all. i tell them that their opinion blah blah blah is just fine. and that i have educated myself on it and wouldn't do it if it was bad for me, along with a few other things. then i just smile and change the subject or walk away.
  16. No

    They aren't worth worrying about.
  17. Blazing wouldn't be as fun without haters.
  18. everyone in my school, town, and regional area smokes a lot of weed or has tried it. you're normal around here if you inhale particles from burning cigar with plant matter inside
  19. #19 wugwan, Aug 9, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 9, 2011
    Don't let your mother stress over you, it sounds like she's already had enough at work during the day, so smoke in discreet. But don't let some fuck-tard friend tell you what you should do or what you shouldn't, next time you should hit them in the head with a hammer and tell them they shouldn't look so fucking dumb.
  20. People dont know that I smoke.

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