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Anyone think vaping is overrated?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Libertarian, Sep 27, 2009.

  1. I'm putting this is seasoned tokers because I want the opinions of people who have tried many different methods of cannabis consumption.

    So I ask you: does anyone else think vaping is overrated?

    Once I was done with college and money was no longer a problem I went out and got a nice, digital read-out vaporizer. I had heard for YEARS about how it "gets you higher, hits cleaner, is healthier for you, doesn't smell as much etc. etc."

    In the four years I have owned it, I have used it maybe a half-dozen times. I just don't like it. Maybe it's because I'm a more casual smoker (I only smoke about twice a week, once if I'm really busy 3 times if it's a good week), but I just don't like the vaporizer.

    First, whenever I take a hit from any other device, I immediately know how it's hitting. With a vape sometimes a lung-full is nice, sometimes it puts me over the edge into total couch-lock-dom. It feels like I have no control and we're talking a single hit. It also tastes off, like I'm inhaling some potpourri instead of cannabis. Finally it's a pain to use for a whole session - you have to thoroughly grind, it takes time to heat up, the bowl has to be "cooled" when you're done, and balloons are just a pain to deal with when you're stoned. With any other piece, if you want another hit it's like a 5 minute process. With a vaporizer it's like 20 minutes (grind, heat up, load, hit, cool down).

    I'll take a piece over a vape any day. Anyone with me?
  2. I prefer a glass spoon or a joint over a vaporizer, but I voted "No" just because it's not overrated. It is healthier, and it is more effective...but that doesn't mean it's favorable to me. I love the smokey taste, and I love the room filling with smoke. I wish I could live on a cloud from one of my hits...:smoking:
  3. Nope, I love my Volcano and wouldn't get rid of it for anything.
  4. I think it is solely on the fact that every time I've ever vaped it's never given me a sufficient enough buzz. It's always a very very weak high and tastes reminiscent of stale popcorn. Yes, it was dank ass bud.

    :confused_2: I dunno, I think vaping is overrated, but then again a lot of people swear by them. Maybe my tolerance is just too high to feel anything off the small amounts you would need/use to vape. I'll take a big fat bong bowl any day over a vape hose.
  5. Personally I think the Vaporizer is great but only on occasion, I couldn't imagine smoking out of one every night for my high. I also have to agree with tabbit on that it sorta gives a weak high.

    I think anyone who's been smoking for a long time isn't quite getting the same experience as say your novice smoker. On my level the Vaporizer just burns my throat and seems like a hassle, the wait for it to heat up, grinding up your bud, it's just a lot of work for not that great of a high imho.

    My favorite methods are my z.o.b., my bubbler, and of course the always trusty blunt/joint.

  6. What? You were doing it wrong if you didn't feel anything, it's more efficient than a bong. :rolleyes:
  7. I personally would rather rip a bong than a vape. The high from a vape creeps up on me and I just don't like it. Not saying I wouldn't use a vape, just saying I prefer other ways of smoking
  8. a bong and vape are like a knife and fork.

    would you rather have something that cuts you up, or picks you up?
  9. i read somewhere that a joint equals 7-15 percent of usable thc, a blunt being 22-26 percent, a bowl at 30-45, a bubbler at 60 percent, a bong at 70-80 percent and then a vape is 97.

    that easily could be bullshit, cause who invested the money into an actual scientific study on marijauana smoking through different pipes? hahah
  10. everybody has diff. taste its jus wer u at wat u doin who u smokin wit and stuff like that i love my vapor bros. vape!! for example wen im tryna get high and smell is the issue i use it or wen i wanna get f up i use it u jus need to no how to use it like volcano vapes thats to much time wasted ,everythin is koo aslong as it get u high rite? haha:hello:
  11. How does it taste funny? It tastes like fresh weed instead of resin or low-grade tobacco. Once you start smoking out of a vape you realize just how much other smoking devices effect the taste of your bud.. it's so much cleaner and enjoyable. Not to mention the fact that I can get stoned from .05g:D
  12. ^^haha i think vapes are cool but yes overated because it feels like you get more gas to inhale with a bong but thats probly cuz you get the combusted plant material so i guess its all a mental thing ?? idk im uber high off my trusty bong bong
  13. I like them but don't quite understand why everyone says that they get you higher...
    I have smoked out of a volcano vape a few times.
    Each time I had probably 4-6 bags to myself, at least.
    I got high, but I found it less enjoyable to be honest--the high is a much cleaner but doesn't hit quite as deep as hitting some nice glass or a j. Maybe I needed to smoke more...

    I suppose I will invest in one eventually for the health benefits and it really is a more functional high.
    Hit the vape during the day and then the glass at night. :)
    Plus vapes save you a ton of weed--hell you get to smoke your bud twice if you want! haha
  14. The good:

    Can be more efficient than a fat bowl out of the bong.
    Great way to smoke out large amount of friends.
    Can use HUGE BAGS to pass around.
    Less smell.
    Can't beat a fresh bag being filled up automatically like an alarm clock in the morning.
    Don't forget you can cook with the used product. Try that with some ash from a J.
    Drop a bag of vap. on the ground see what happens. Now drop a glass bong....

    The bad:

    Sometimes too much trouble, especially if you have already started smoking.
    THE PRICE, seems like to buy one worth buying, its going to cost a bit.
    You don't get the feeling of taking a huge rip. This depends on the person, but i enjoy both smooth smoking out of a vap. and taking fat rips off a glass piece.

    Overall i would say they are not overrated. By far the best taste you will ever get off of your plants. I just think they are not for everyone. I have seen new people to smoking get annihilated unsuspectingly kinda like jello shots. Because its so smooth.
  15. The thing about vaping most of you smokers don't get is you have to have a very good vape (some are just shit) and you have to do it for a while.

    I just recently bought an easy vape. It's pretty shitty but I'm using it right now (it works you just have to stir the bowl every two hits, can't wait for my PD to come, 5 more weeks!)

    The thing is smoking is more "intense" in the sense that you feel it a lot more. But you feel it for the wrong reasons. When you smoke and get really high it makes it kinda hard to think and makes your head feel cloudy/heavy and you come down pretty hard after.

    Vaping just gives you a nice clean high where I feel like I'm baked but didn't blaze. Like eating edibles but less potent than edibles. I always feel really good and don't even notice a bad feeling after I've came down.

    I still have two tubes, papers, a chillum (which has been lost for a few months :() etc. I still use them all but far less than I use my vape now. You'll start to feel the wind come back into your lungs, your head feels more clear etc. Vaping is DEFINITELY the way to go if you're a habitual weed user.
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    Hell no man. I just Da Buddha Vaporizer for myself. I do not regret purchasing this unit at all. I love that I can get anywhere from a little buzz to being mind fucked from my vape. I still love to hit the bong, smoke a joint or blunt with friends. I even like to roll a joint of my vaped herb sometimes. But I actually prefer vaping my weed cuz it tastes better, I can conserve more, plus I don't have to worry about ash or resin. I can easily get about 15 to 20 consistent hits from about .25 grams. The initial burn in the pocket is worth it because I end up saving about half as much on herb.
  17. I dislike vaporizing mainly because I prefer the high that comes from smoking.

    I also like smoking, there is an element about smoking that can never be achieved with a vape.
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    The volcano isn't the only good vape on the market. I bought my Purple Days for $180, the bowl is .025g and 2-3 bowls gets me annihilated. That's two bowls from a half of a tenth of a gram! It's also direct draw so it's much more concentrated than a bag which has a pretty high air to vapor ratio. Vapor Bros, Da Buddha and Vaporwarez are all awesome vapes for under $200.
  19. i voted no. Vapign is not overrated imo. While it is a much different session than a pipe or bong sesh, i find it more enjoyable. I enjoy the clear headed gi hi get form vaping, instead of the more muddles hgih i get from my glass.

    Don't get me wrong, i love my glass to death, but when i want a really nice funtioning high, ill throw fire up the vape and load in soem nice sativa. Ill be flying and functioning in no time.

    My vapor brothers doesnt take all that log nto get ready either, no does it need to cool down between bowls.
  20. i voted no,cuz alot of people never even tried vaping.the high is alright and all,but i like the lazy effect from weed burned all the way in a bong then just the thc in the vape.maybe i need to try a better vaporizer,like that volcano vaporizer,but it's like $539 :eek:

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