Anyone think there will be cops at the 4:20 showing of Pineapple Express?

Discussion in 'General' started by agent0064life, Aug 5, 2008.

  1. Going Wednesday at 4:20 to watch PE but I realized there might be a fair amount of cops, with all the weed that will be probably be smoked in the theater... but I'm not sure as I've never had to encounter this dilemma before.
  2. I honestly dont think they care much about small consumption of weed at all...why would they..

    I think they have better things to do..if they were really concerned they wouldnt spend there time at the movie theatres.. more likely busting grow rooms..

    you never know though..
  3. haha i wonder if it'd be possible to take a one-hitter and toke in the front row (where usually nobody sits.) And just one hit it, and then ghost the weed. hmmm?? :D
  4. How about you just blaze right before you get there?
  5. I recon their will be one or two lurking around for sure

  6. personally, I'd probably end up losing my high before the movie started. :p Well maybe not, but I'd love to bake during the movie, ya know? hit my peak. :]

  7. Won't last through the whole movie... I might make some edibles but the high just isn't the same.

    EDIT: Gotta find my boxers with a zipper in the crotchal region. That should work to hide my stash until I get inside.

    EDIT2: And seriously, if they didn't want people to smoke weed in the theater, why would they make a showing time @ 4:20?
  8. How about you go take some sneaky tokes somewhere else inside the place and then go to your movie.
  9. Very good point.
  10. Oh man, you just got me all excited. I usually smoke before a film but end up coming down in the line and whatnot. If people are smoking in my theater, I'm lighting up. I assume it would be a better idea to go to cineplex rather than a multiplex no?
  11. People aren't going to be smoking in the theatres. Just blaze up before hand...and if you must smoke more before the movie ends then go out to the parking lot and do it there.
  12. Smoke in the theater and get kicked out.
  13. Sooo siked for this movie.

    Gunna bake in the parking lot (lower section) where it's somewhat dark and than just head in and see the movie.

    bringing contraband into the movie is stupid..especially it being about weed and all.
    just toke in the bathroom stall if you HAVE to :D
  14. Nah...

    Sitt wayyyy at the top..smoke rises...It goes in the vents and what not..ive toked at the theaters plenty of times and never been caught... :wave:
  15. Fixed.
  16. How would you get away with it? I don't care if you ghost a hit from a one hitter and there's no smoke or smell...people will still see the flick of the lighter.
  17. never heard of smoking in theaters...i've smoked right outside a theater before a movie multiple times but i think i gotta try this now!:hello:
  18. I guess it depends on which theater you go to. I wouldn't think about doing it at a multiplex, but if it's a single-screen cinema I might give it a shot.
  19. Wow.... This has been talked about on another thread but just be safe. Toke up right before you go into the theater and bring some brownies to eat during the movie...
  20. I don't get why you would smoke IN the movie theater to me that's just looking to get busted. I just smoke a few J's on the steps before i go in, no biggie. I do that for pretty much every movie I see.

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