Anyone that lives in Virginia/Maryland going to HFStival?

Discussion in 'Music genres, Bands and Artists' started by WesleePipes85, May 11, 2004.

  1. Was just wondering if any fellow stoners will be going this year. The line up looks fantastic, maybe i'll see some of you in section 420 smoking a bowl.
  2. What, when, and where is this HSFestival?
  3. It's a big music festival with a whole lot of groups. It's at RFK stadium on May 22nd...dont think I'm goin this year but I hear its awesome
  4. wish florida had something like that
  5. I live in Va. I have never heard about this!! tell me more man i wanna go.
  6. Well its at RFK stadium in DC... ...tiksare close to 50 with service charge, but me and some buds got ours without service charge by getting em at 930 club. Hope to see you there pipes, and i def hope cypress hill plays during 420, prolly see you there.
  7. wow, i just visited the site the lineup there is crazy. got some jay z and oar haha. oh well i wish i was there, only if it were a month away instead of a few weeks i'd be there. dammit
  8. Ya i've been going every year since 2000. It used to be a 2 day festival but now its only one day. Still fun as hell. My first year they had a huge PS2 truck where like 50 people could go in it and play a shit load of PS2 games. I got so smacked and kept playing GTA 3. Last year xbox came. They have a lot of shit around the stadium to keep you busy. The buzz tent is where it's at though, lots of techno in there... like a little rave party.

    Cool thing is, if you go high up in the stands in the nose bleed section, there are people walking around with those baskets around their necks... the people that sell soda and stuff at a game. Only here they are selling pipes! I'm going to have to buy one this year.
  9. I remember the HFStival -- too bad I've moved :/ Last time was when the Chemical Bros played (buncha other people, but I was too drunk to remember em).

    We got 2 free tickets on the way to the metro station (some random chick gave em to us), but when we got to RFK the scalpers were all desperate and were selling for $10. Don't know if that's changed in recent years tho...

    Have fun! Lucky punks :p
  10. i was just in baltimore for my brother's college graduation. its a real nice place. wish i was there.
  11. i just went to the site and looked at the lineup and i mean it looks decent but that is the music that i listened to at the end of middle school and then beginning of high school...not sure about everyone else but i would much rather go to bonnaroo. also here in milwaukee we have a 10 day festival called summerfest and we have some amazing groups coming. CSN, Galactic, Darkstar, Big Wu, OAR, Guster, Willy Porter, North Missisippi Allstars and then at Alpine we got Phish and Dave.
  12. i went to hfs and i'm goin to bonnaroo too. theyre vastly different scenes, the bands usually arent top notch musically and talnet wise at hfs but its still a good time, it was so chill, we were just rolling blunts in the stands and smokin em there, and everyone in teh pit was smoking for cypress hill. b real was smokin a blunt on stage too. but tehre were too many stupid red necks and people there to just mosh and crowd surf. i think bonnaroo will be a much chiller crowd. hfs still kicked ass though.

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