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anyone that can help!!! plz...

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by decepter, Dec 14, 2003.

  1. alright i have 7 plants as of now and i just germinated about 8 more... and the setup i have is a room thats 4ft in length and 2ft wide and the lights are positioned depending on there wattage... except i'm using security lights and a 60w soft white light house bulb... and two of the plants the bottom leafs are turning yellow... i was told i didn't water enough.... (once or twice a week i water sometimes three depending on how fast the soild dries) and on another plant the leaves on the top are curling up but are still green... i have no ferts and no money so im working with what i got... i'm hoping to get pics of the plants but i only have a webcam to take the pics and i would have to bring them from outside to the inside to take the pics... but it is snowing and i was wondering if i would hurt them if i took them from the place there in(not directly outside) and brought them in my house. Also one of the plants the leaves seem to be deformed... they have only 4 parts to the leaf instead of the usual 5,7,or 9... I surely hope someone can help me revitalize my plants keeping in mind i don't have money for anything new.... :( these 7 plants i have mentioned are all in veg... waiting for a timer and a small heater for when i put the cycle to 18/6 then 12/12.... peace out ..//decepter\\..
  2. When you put the cycle to 18/6?? Whats the cycle at now??
    What kind of lights are those security lights??
    And get that house lightbulb outta there, its not going to help at all, just waist time and money.
  3. these pics are from my webcam so qualilty may not be good but i tried... the security lights are holegen... but i found a cool white set of flouros... only 25w. each... good enough for 7 plants? the cycle right now is 24/0 or 24/7 whatever you want to call it... healthiest plant \/

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  4. this is just a closer shot of the last plant top view...

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  5. these plants are my problem children...

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  6. that last plants leafs are deformed there are only 4 peices to lthe leaf... and on this plant the bottom two sets of leaves turned yellow so i trimmed them off...

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  7. this one is doing alright i think... little bit turning of the leaves colors on bottim though...

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  8. this oen i don't know what is wrong... :(

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  9. put them flourencet lights on them.... plant havent develope right becuase u havent been useing the right lights... try to get at least 40 watts flourecent for the plants, or u can go buy a hps system... security systems in school also are HPS.. u can also get the MH..... go to vatoloco sticky in these forum, and check out the guides, and light equipments...
  10. thx 420 shade... but i only have one 40w bulb and a 25w bublb for my 2bulb ballast with the flouros...will that be enough for 7 plants? i don't have any money to get an hps system... and i can't get ferts... umm i was wondering do flouros work for flowering stage? and i think i will keep the hologen security lights for heat in my lil room since its outside in a garage with no heater.... :/ thx for the info though
  11. take a hps system from school..lol..jk....

    u can get stick ferts in walmarts for like 1 something.. or u can ask your friends, to hook u up with some fert... keep the flourecents as close aspossible to the top leaves so it wont strech out anymore... yes u can flower with flourencets, u wont get best results, but u will get some decent buds... if u cant get anyferts. u can use a tsp of milk in a gallon of water, and water the soil... but try to get some fert tho..
  12. I just obtained a heater by measures that had to be taken... ;) and the hps system from school i can't get... ive graduated but i have thought about taking a street light... not sure how or where to do this yet... but i use the flouros in the meantime... and i'm getting my friend to buy me a timer like real soon... and i'll have him pick up the sticks... i wasn't sure if those would work or not... so i should just follow the instructions right? I'm so happy that stuff is starting to turn around for my growing needs :) i should probably get a device that measures temp. also... so it doesn't get to warm or cold... i also gota about a 1000ft of alum. foil... thinking about doing the entire room in it... good or bad idea? maybe i should get some cloning powder also... well thx for the help 420 shade :) and peace out...
  13. the pots are 10in diameter.... and now i got a ballast and flouros... 2 40w lamps... the MG stakes.... and some potting soil... I'm glad this is just a test run for me b/c my plants are strectched way to much but the next time around they will be better... at least i haven't killed any yet... lol i also got that timer and now they are being set to 18/6 from 24/0 when should i change it to 12/12? And are those 2 flouro lamps good enough for 7 plants? and the lamps are right next to the tops of the plants like 1.5 in from... and i got to fans blowing on the plants also... man i really need to get a digi cam so i can show my setup.... well peace out ..//decepter\..
  14. Those plants look sorry. If your going to grow you have to be willing to spend a little money on them. They look like they are about ready to die. I would either spend some money on them or throw them out because they aren't going to have any quality.
  15. A Palmer
    This thread is 2.5 years old. I doubt these plants are still alive.
  16. Is it that old?? Then WTF are we still messing with it. I AM GONE!!!!!!!!!

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