Anyone test TGA supersoil?

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  1. I did a couple runs with tga supersoil, but i diluted it with cocoa instead of the other tga bag of "premium soil."  I heard of a couple people mixing with ocean forest with good results.  I have another friend that just uses the supersoil bag by itself ha.  My results with cocoa were really really good but there's always room for improvement.  Would any cheap potting soil work better than cocoa?  i dont want to add anything negative (ive heard negative things about foxfarm in general) or non organic to my garden

  2. The original recipe used roots organic. You veg in the roots organic and transplant into a pot with the bottom half or 1/3 and the top with more roots organic and the roots grow into the supersoil and take off. Thats how sub does it anyway. You can use fox fams light warrior as a base too. Ocean forest is too hot for seedling usually unless you you a weak batch. Usually people have to cut ofean forest with something. Ocean forest would be between a base soil and supersoil. Its hot but not as hot as supersoil. Still too hot for seedlings though. I've been looking into veganics and i'm thinking about switching. Supposedly it's has better taste and yield than organic.
  3. the recipe on the green avengers website said "TGA premium soil" to layer.  its a two bag set, one the concentrated supersoil, the other being the regular soil.  when you say roots organics are you referring to the recipe? organism is one of them i believee
  4. I'm talking about before he bagged it and sold it when it was just a recipe. The base soil for the old recipe was roots organic. It was replaced with the tga base soil so they fould start selling soil. They make more money selling supersoil and the base soil rather than just the supersoil. Roots is basically the same the same thing, i'm referring to the roots organic soil btw not anything in the nutrient line. I'm sure tga's base works better with their supersoil than roots does. Both of them would work better than coco though. You won't need anything but water all the way through harvest.
    what happens with the parts of the roots that never makes it to the super soil?
    that's false..
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    Its cheaper to make your own rather than buy that bag.

    Subs recipe is hardly a secret, all you have to do is google subcool supersoil and youll find an interview where he gives his recipe
  7. "I've been looking into veganics and i'm thinking about switching. Supposedly it's has better taste and yield than organic."
    What is Veganics?
    Jerry I have heard of veganics before I believe it is organic without using any animal based products.
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    This subject has come up countless times across cannabis forums. His "soil recipe" is lacking in quite a few ways 'hand made' mixes do not. The idea of spiking and/or layering is absurd, to say the least.
    A quick search here using the keywords "super soil" will bring up quite a few discussions on the various points of stated inefficiency, namely cost.
    Roots is just repackaged peat and aeration, perhaps some coir or something as well. It's redundant because you're constructing your own soil rather than relying on a prepared mix.....just source some Premier brand (the company that supplies Pro Mix and other retail mixes) sphagnum peat moss and get a bag of perlite. Boom, you just made the same thing as Roots for less than half the cost per cubic foot.
    Veganics is another cheap gimmick designed to make a person money and/or gain reputation.
    It is not in practice any better than what we do here; if in fact you decide to forgo any and all animal products than you restrict the benefits your soil can retain as well as the materials you can source. (ie chitin, composted manure, castings, etc.)
    Why go through more work when the end product is the same and/or inferior?
    Why buy prepackaged soil when you can make your own for less money and more benefit?
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    Kahgknow, sorry man - I was being sarcastic. These are bottle growers, nothing more. They rely on grow stores for all of their goods. Not my cup-o-tea.

  11. I have a Kush Man fanboy come into my shop all the fucking time.

    He uses so many fucking bottles I can't believe it!

    I just giggle and tell him I grow hydro hahaha

    Subdrool and KushGirl are two of the worse things to happen to organic gardening since roundup...

    But the bottles have the coolest labels on them. All I get is a clear bag with my kelp meal, we need better advertising.
  13. people are haters.  There are so many endless techniques that i believe theyre all correct in one way or another.    Just because YOU use it doesnt mean its the best technique.  duplicating nature that much more is all i am trying to do with TLO
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    But "veganics" and "super soil" promote incorrect assumptions and ignorant statements. It's not that we believe we have the only way of doing things, it's just they are expensive IMITATIONS of the real thing, which we promote here in the Organic section of Grasscity.
    You say you would like to emulate nature animals are a key part of any ecosystem. Worms and insects are in fact animals.
    Try sourcing local nettles, comfrey, yarrow, dandelions, compost, etc. and boom, you're practicing true "veganics" can easily grow plants with plants for much less money than he's demanding.
    You end up paying more for water than anything else when sourcing bottled nutrition solutions, you're better off sourcing the raw materials themselves for more benefits at less expense.
    Don't get me wrong, sourcing organic plant amendments is the standard for myself but I don't view fish bone meal, fish meal, crab shell meal, composted dairy manure, or vermicompost to be "inferior" to his prepackaged overpriced bottles of water. 

     WTF? It's a bottled gimmick that charges too much and promotes unsustainable solutions to a non existent problem.
    "Before the middle of the flowering cycle I like to do a few weeks of slight pH adjustment of my nutrient solution. When I add full strength of all my nutes, humic acid, and enzymes my pH can sometimes be as low as 4.8. After so many unadjusted waterings the pH of the medium may be dipping close to 5.5, the low end of the acceptable range. A small adjustment to 5.5-6.5 for a few weeks during heaviest feedings will make sure you don't drop below 5.5, the only thing that should concern you about pH."
    so nutes, humic acid (leonardite derived) enzymes and PH adjustments, in a repackaged peat medium.....
    :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:  :laughing:
    You can get ALL of those benefits (and more!) for less money by simply sourcing raw materials and mixing a true, living soil up.
    Here's a great place to start. It'll save you money, at the very least.

  15. I agree 100% - I am totally not against "veganics", if this was actually what it was promoted as being. "Taking organics to the next level"? Maybe if they weren't using bottled nutrients; hell, bottled bacteria??? This dude won't even use compost or vermicompost. Everything comes from a Hydro Store. Better than organics? This is as unsustainable as it gets. Expensive Stoner Science - nothing more.

    I've got nothing against it as a gardening method but don't put it anywhere near the same class as simple organic gardening.

    Ten bucks says the guy has no idea how a soil actually works in nature. Twenty says he has no idea how to manipulate raw amendments to achieve what he claims only happens via his bottles. 

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