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Anyone take the amtrak auto train recently?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by markfribbins, Apr 29, 2011.

  1. Topic says it all. Looking for first hand experience with weed on the auto train. I am talking about getting it on the train. Once I get on I'm good.
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    ive taken it many many times and there where never dogs of any kind.
    maybe if your leaving out of a big terminal like grand central in NYC there will be dogs, but those are bomb dogs not drug dogs.

    where are you leaving from?

  3. Even if there happens to be dogs around a train station, chances are they are of the bomb detecting kind, not of the drug smelling kind. just keep a cool head and you will be fine. never panic.
  4. I took one to new York last summer and brought weed. I saw dogs but no searching. And I had a half And a bowl in my suitcase. It was sketchy when we left to come home cause there was a bunch of cops but when we arrived at 6 am there was like 2 cops opposed to around 10 when we were leaving at 4 pm

  5. Ill put it this way...

    My last trip on amtrack involved me getting two bubblers and a half ounce through UNION STATION (in DC), the bomb dog was asleep and the drug dog was begging the officer for french fries... So I would say you are fine and wont have any issues.
  6. But I'm talking about the auto train its a special non stop from Lorton va to Florida. The car goes on the train. Has anyone been on this specific one. When you pull up they take your car then you wait for a good 2 hours in the terminal. Google search says people see dogs sniffing there but no one says it they are drug or bomb dogs

  7. If you have your doubts, dont do it
  8. I probably won't. I am hoping someone has experience and can tell me these are bomb dogs not drug dogs
  9. i took the exact one you took earlier in the year. There are like 1 or 2 dogs their but they are bomb sniffing dogs. You will be fine. i love the train idk why haha
  10. they're bionic dogs trained to hear the ever so slight purring of vibrators....

  11. How do u know? Did u have weed on u?
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    iif and if there are dogs dont lie because chances are if its under an o and your straight cool with the cop he'll be cool atleast all the ones i ve dealt with have been chill
    Edit and you said lorton to florida are you goin on the train in old town like by Duke St.
  13. I've been on the one from va to fl. They did not search anything, there were no dogs. I had a few bags on me and a bowl. No issues.

  14. When?
  15. So 2 of you has actually been on the auto train did you take any weed with you
  16. Who actually calls it the "auto train?" You sound like a 90 year old who doesn't know anything about modern technology.
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    Chill out man, its not like an Amtrak train is really modern tech anyway.

    And in response to your question OP, I have taken Amtrak from Kansas City to St. Louis many times over several years. I haven't ever taken weed on the train, but I have yet to ever see a dog (or a police officer for that matter).
  18. The Lorton to Florida non stop train is actually called the auto train as you put your car on the train
  19. Last I heard was that trains don't have any security or check your luggage. That was two years ago though. My old dealers' dad used to grow in Buffalo and she use to go pick up a pound or two every month and never had a problem.
  20. Verrry easy to get anything on Amtrak. Ive taken it a few times from NYC-north Carolina & NYC-baltimore. Just put ya but in a container inside a sock or somthing inside a backpack. its not very hard to get away with, A LOT easier then an airplane..

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