Anyone Take Advantage of ATTITUDE's JAN. Reserva Sale??

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by VillageIdiott, Jan 11, 2013.

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    Hello... Just wanted to ask whether anyone else took advantage of Attitude Seedbank's January sale on DNA/Reserva Pri. seeds?

    I just received mine in the mail and it all looks good, assuming they eventually germinate of course.

    I felt it was too good an offer to refuse.

    I ordered:

    R/P Confidential Cheese Fem x4 (i wanted to grow these out sometime anyway)

    and I received for free... (ALL fem and all x1))

    DNA Genetics LA Woman
    Reserva Privada Sour Kush AKA Headband
    Reserva Privada OG Kush #18
    Reserva Privada Silver LA
    DNA Genetics LA Confidential
    DNA Genetics Seeds Stacked Kush

    So in all... I got ten Fem seeds of pretty top quality, mostly Kush types, for about 45 pounds.

    Dunno, but that seems a pretty good deal. Just wish I had time and space to grow them all out.

    I could use some advice, as to which seeds I should grow out first... can anyone recommend any of these? I can only grow two seeds at any time due to space constraints. Are any of these strains 'easier' to grow than others? Less sensitive to nutes/heat etc?

    I placed this thread in the cultivation area because I think these are all pretty good indoor strains and I really need some advice on which to grow out first.

    Thank you for your advice!

    The Idiot.

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  2. I capitalized on that sale too, have not received the shipment yet however.

    I spent some time searching these forums for each individual freebie, and I must say, the Reserva Privada Sour Kush peaked my interests a lot.

    Tell me about it! :p

  3. placed my order too on the 9th ordered 3 sour kush and got all the others free aswell so stoked to receive them. how long did it take for you to recieve yours?

    I'll be doing the sour kush first seeing as I want a mother plant for the outdoor season and the descrip. says it is perfect for cloning :) but they all look pretty good and once i sharpen up my growing skills ill definetly be trying them all out.

    I'm also doing a journal on my sour kush grow if you guys want to check it out. It wont be totally started until I actually recieve the seeds. lol. I might do another strain with it just havent decided yet.
  4. I would gro la confidential and any crosses together. Typically a slow grower with lower yields. I recommend a few extra weeks longer in veg. Really tight node spacing on these ladies. Never tried training or topping. Hope you get a good phenotype.
  5. man i missed this sale by a day or two. i was waiting to get paid and then boom! it was over. so sad about it.
  6. Worse part for me is that I can't grow again until I get my cab temps under control. Running high 80s at times and that is too high. Need a much better fan than a I currently have. Also a proper cooltube.

    Should have all that sorted in the next month or two, then I will start another grow, but I might try a "Hempy Bucket" grow. I quite excited at trying my hand at growing a Kush-like strain. I haven't tried to before.

    The Idiott.
  7. Yeah I missed it too! Super bummed about it, but theirs always next time
  8. I just wanna say,SILVER L.A.  is a winner. No question about it.                                                                                                            Smells like mangoe and,peaches.
    Look awesome.Just dripping in diamonds all over.
    Great taste. Everybody JUST LOVES THE TASTE.
    Hits harder than a hammer.
    This was the first anything i have smoked from RESERVA PRIVADA.   Gotta give them props.  Makes me wanna see what else they have to offer. GREAT PLANT.

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