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Anyone subscribe to High Times?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Durchii, Apr 9, 2006.

  1. I am going to subscribe to High Times within this moth and I would like to know if the magazine comes through the mail in plain sight *for all to read* or is it semi/concealed in a brown/manilla envelope somehow?

    Call me paranoid, I just dont like the postman reading what I get in the mail if it refers to weed.

    A fast response would be very much appreciated, thanks! ^-^
  2. yeah i just got a subscription from them, the mags come in a white envolope with some boring company sounding name on it, only fucked thing was i ordered the subscription the begining of january and dident get my first issue til almost april
  3. I just go out and buy it but now that ik that ppl cant see it im gonna subcribe as soon as possible
  4. yeah it takes a hell of a long time to get after you order it. you miss out on some of the good shit. but its all good shit.
  5. Meh... high times. Cannabis Culture is where it's at.
  6. i didn't know that.

    that's the only reason why i didn't subscribe is because i thought my family would see it.

    now i'm definetly gonna subscribe.
  7. I don't subscribe, but I buy each month's copy at my local headshop. Can anyone find me a link to subscribe to Cannabis Culture? I've heard from numerous people that CC is way better.
  8. Check out their website. I remember seeing that you can subscribe from there.
  9. Man, Cannabis Culture is expensive as shit.
  10. screw high times and there shitty magazine that advertises all those fake buds, CC is the best dope mag on the planet.
  11. i subscribe to HT, and i like it alot.... they send it discreetly, and there's always good articles and eye candy... many of the strains in the mag, i grow, so it helps me compare they're growers to me..
  12. I read and like both
  13. high times is kinda like the "playboy" of the pot mags. kinda. not as good as pentouse but they got nice lookin buds in there.

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