Anyone stoned and feel like Haiku-ing?

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  1. I can hear something
    I wish I could just see it
    Its' so damn chirpy

    What's up guys? If any of you check out the edibles section, I am high as hell right now from some firecrackers that had a gram in each of them. I was writing a paper for Humanities, and as I was turning it in I saw that I had a discussion due.

    We are to write 5 haikus with a nature theme. Each must be in 5 7 5 sylabic format, and that is the whole discussion. Not too difficult, and I thought it'd be fun, I also thought of y'all and if you're stoned and feel like fucking around I had a fun idea.

    I noticed many of my fellow students never cited sounds as part of nature. So I wanted to write haikus from the view of a blind man, a genius idea right? I wrote the first one but it was some humorous, I got the giggles and now have writer's block. So i'd like to ask for y'alls help

    . Any clever haiku writers in the GC? Now is your time to get anonymously published.
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    i wish i had some weed
    i cant sleep
    how exactly is this poetry?
  3. wat is this wizardry? i can't even do it sober lawl
  4. Omg. I'm gonna go get high...and come back to this thread.
  5. my doodoo butter
    brown shiny and oh so.... brown
    hell yea lasagna
  6. on gc all day
    and i cant even get high
    what was i saying?
  7. vegetable beef
    this soup is fucking awesome
    i have a black dog
  8. This is difficult
    In a sober state of mind
    really difficult
  9. mind over matter
    the advice i give, my friends
    sober as fuck yo
  10. Shirtless with Orange Juice
    Counting syllables non-stop
    Clock strikes four-twenty.

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  12. An honest days work?
    Or an honest days smoke-out?
    Honestly? Smoke-out.
  13. Life is limitless
    Invite fear and timidness
    Twice, feel infinite.

  14. At one with nature
    With my dank ass mary jane
    Scared on the traintracks

    At one with nature
    With my dank ass mary jane
    God I hate these bugs
  15. u angry guy there
    why dont yous chill out ya dig
    foreal sort ur shit
  16. Its that time again
    to get off my lazy ass
    and go to work, peace
  17. i am what i am
    space is the place i wanna go
    send me home charlie
  18. So I have to walk
    To get to my apartment
    So damn paranoid

    Hmm I want to write one that rhymes

    Hey we should mingle
    Because weed makes me tingle
    Umm define "single.."
  19. single is a word
    that means ready for action
    when you are on the front lines
  20. poetry is best
    left to those who understand
    the meaning of life​

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