Anyone still using T5’s or T8’s?

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  1. I remember when these were all the hype in low watt growing. Also didn’t require a lot of cab height for closet growing and put out very little heat.

    Has everyone moved from these to LEDs? I mean they are tried and true and cheap or am I missing something???

    I’d love to hear from anyone still using some form of flouros and still getting good results.
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  2. I am using Eight four foot T5s.
    I got good results.
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  3. I still use T5s for first few weeks of veg. And clones. 4 foot 8 bulb
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  4. T5 High Output for my Veg Shed. Only 6 feet of head space and I have to lean over when I'm working in it.
    I flower outside so it works well for my needs.[​IMG]

    A bit over 400watts not counting the 2 clusters of CFLs on the back wall.

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  5. Love the pics guys! This shit is inspirational!

    I also just hit youtube search with ‘t5 grow’ and deeeezam!!!!!

    This settles it for me. Was deciding between t5 or LED and the results I’m seeing with the old skool tried and true is beating what I see with LED grows.

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  6. 2 plants - 12 ounces
    GG.jpg TD.jpg
    Old news
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  7. I'm serious old school grower here tho recently I'm useing the sun with led and T5 as backup
    tho back in the 70's all we had was T8 for me anyways

    best I can say for any newb

    1: check daily and raise the light 1 chain kink
    2: for veg use 2 cool white tubes to one warm white
    3: late veg and flower/bud go 2 warm whites to 1 cool white

    as you flip 12x12 remove all bush below the 8 inch tops of the plant (light don'r reach any further)
    use these as clones under yet another t5/t8?
    it also improves venting and circultion

    consider supercharging you ballasts?
    good luck
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  8. I have some in veg and clone area still but will upgrade to LED as soon as I can - bloom is all LED
  9. T5's are probably the most popular commercial veg light. Most large commercial ops veg with t5's and bloom with HPS DE's. More switch to LED all the time though to save costs in the power bill and cooling. You can reduce them by at least 40% by going led but it costs more to setup. Cheaper in the long run.
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  10. Never flowered with them but I still veg with them.
  11. If you already have the T5 or T8 fixture and bulbs I'd use it in early veg, they do well and not much light is needed.
    If you are looking for a full cycle light I'd 100% go Samsung diode "HLG" type (ex lm301b/lm301h) quantum board.
  12. Follow me and my grows I will more or less be getting clones or continuing taking my own off of the first set of clones I get which I'm waiting for now but I veg with T5's and Flower with HIDs (2 hoods 2 bulbs) I have Co2 set up in the flower room.. This my first grow not using crls from bag seed to harvest.. so I'm excited to work with this next tier of equipment as well as having some extra things allot of others dont due to space/cost/room or tent.

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  13. At the end of the day, grow with what you have/ can afford. HID/CFL/T8/LED it will all give you some good weed that you can enjoy.
  14. I use the cool tubes 18/6/ during vegetation and switch out to warm ones for 12/12.
    Old fashioned...

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