Anyone Still Play Skyrim?

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  1. If you do... what is your characters build??

  2. I do, but usually only when i'm high nowadays. I don't know his build, I know he's a badass orc, though lol
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     My first was classic. Nord Warrior named Valhallen(think Dexters Lab i.e. Justice Friends). Light armor one handed and destruction/ restoration. i never concentrated with alchemy as i loot EVERYTHING and never need to make potions. enchanting was kind of a secondary. i disenchanted almost everything i got in loot or quest gear. my second and current character is a Dark Elf i named Torvaald(theres an umlaut above the "o"). he is heavy armor(clean in Ebony(smokey)Mail) one handed  with destruction/conjuration. love me some flame atronachs. goin hard with enchantments too. waiting on a sneak enchantment in some form to come along so i can enchant my Ebony boots and stop carrying around my damn Nightingale Boots. that smokey Ebony Mail(from Boethia quest) with Nightingale boots means ninja status. damn i this is the first time ive really thought about my characters. my daughter says "Skyrim" when they show castle scenes or village scenes in the Disney movie Tangled. good movie. "And Vladimir collects Ceramic Unicorns!" 
  4. I just got it a couple weeks ago and I've pretty much been playing it non-stop.. lol
    Right now I only have one character.. Stats:
    High Elf Lv. 72
    700 Magicka
    230 Health
    200 Stamina
    100 Illusion
    100 Conjuration
    100 Alteration
    100 Destruction
    75 Restoration
    50 Enchanting
    100 Sneak x6 Legendary (I beat the shit out of the guys at High Hrothgar to power level)
    80 Smithing
    60 One-handed
    40 Light Armor
    The rest I don't remember. At first I was just going to make a straight mage character, but after getting all the main spells up to 100 and unlocking all the master spells, I want to level up other skills like block and heavy armor. Have an all around character I guess.
    I need to figure out a way to get my speech to 100, I really want to be able to invest in stores so I can sell more than two dragon bones at a time.
  5. I'm a classic nord warrior type as well! Love 1h with a shield
  6. you beat up The Grey Beards?!?! You MONSTER!!!! They're old mute guys!!
    Well, mute old guys get my sneak from 1-100 in less than two minutes.
    1. Thieves Stone
    2. Lover's Comfort
    3. Iron Dagger
    4. Muffle
    5. ???
    6. Profit!!
  8. I do but lately I haven't been interested in video games. I play for an hour max but more like 20-30 min. But I'm a Redguard specializing in Light Armor and One handed mainly with a hint of Destruction.
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    Orc Warrior    One handed - Block - Archery - Heavy Armor- Blacksmithing - Alchemy - Enchanting
    B-E-S-E-R-K-E-R :mad:

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