Anyone still play N64?

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  1. Ive been playing an N64 emulator for the past week or so and i gotta say its fun as fuck especially cause of just pure nostalgia did you guys used to play N64 as a kid? You guys gotta play these games stoned with your friends N64 stoned is the best multiplayer system better than 360 n ps3 in its own way its pure fun.

    Mario party
    Conkers bad fur day
    Bomberman 64
    Goldeneye 007
    NFL blitz
    Super smash bros
    Zelda OOT
  2. Son, I still play the original 64. Fuck an emulator, and how is Mario 64 not in that list?!

  3. Either way man its still the shit n no difference really n original n64 cant play online multiplayer.
  4. I'd play one if I had one, and if I could get a decent emulator that ran at proper speeds and had a usb-to-controller converter, I would do that.

    Though I don't have either.

    Also thought Conkers was very overrated.
    No Mario Kart?
    I liked one of the bomberman games on N64, the one where you walked around the open world in third person, not sure what that was.
  5. I still bust out the N64 on occasion, especially when I got Zelda OOT cravings. There was another game I loved, think it was called Mischief Makers? Puzzle platformer, lots of throwing stuff.
  6. I never owned an n64 sadly, but I still play oot and majoras mask on the virtual console from time to time.
  7. The 3ds is awesome! I picked up an xl and there are sooo many games from the n64 you can get for under 5 bucks. Better than the 360 and ps3. The games are Just more fun besides as soon as 1080 comes out, my son will have to share lol. Even Mario Kart 7 has some tracks from the origional MK.
  8. Hellz blazed with my cousin the other day and played Mario Kart and WCW wrestling.
  9. Got emulator. I usually play diddy kong racing, super smash bros, pokemon stadium or goldeneye.
    For those who use an emulator, how do you map the controller to work more efficiently on golden eye.
  10. No difference, then you make a point for a difference.

    N64 for life bro, fuck your multiplayer. I got friends for that and four controllers.

  11. I got 2 n64 controllers setup just like an original n64 i really dont see any difference maybe my computer just runs the games really smooth i just got a new one from dell. I also got an original n64 with mario kart, mario party 2, wave race,super mario 64 n a couple other games i just use the emulator for games i dont have like zelda oot, super smash n conker.
  12. donkey kong 64

    flying dragon

  13. get project64 its what i use and download your roms at coolrom, also you can get a n64 usb controller adapter n n64 controllers on amazon i got the adapter an original controller and a madcatz controller which i like more than the original all for $40.
  14. If anybody wants a killer emulator rom, go to pirate bay and look for 6666 games in 1 ultimate classic collection. Its a hefty file but it includes a bunch of different emulators like nes, snes, sega etc. It includes project 64 and all the popular games. Worth a look.
  15. I just play Zelda every once in a while.

  16. Hahaha man i used to play flying dragon everyday b4 kindergarten with my next door neighbor b4 the bus came that games dope.

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