Anyone still mix Tobacco and weed in a J-Paper?

Discussion in 'General' started by CSn0w, Sep 26, 2010.

  1. you know, back in the day, mixing Tobacco and Weed so the tobacco covers the smell and you can smoke in public. and i seem to be the only person in my close group of friends who does.
  2. I do it for blunts sometimes. Not Js.
  3. I dont because Im not tryin to inhale huge hits of tobacco, f that
  4. i usually use Black and Mild tobacco, or turkish Royal. and that's why you dont take huge hits, also, Nicotine is known for Potentiating the effects of weed.
  5. most definately i feel it alows it to burn more evenly(im not a very great roller) and i think helps the buzz
  6. Recently, to conserve a little bud, I've been rolling some joints with a little bit of dried mint or white tea mixed in. Its much healthier than tobacco, and gives it a great taste. Doesn't do much for masking smell though

  7. very true, but i only add a pinch of tobacco, just enough to mask the smell of weed,

    another great thing is emptying a Camel Crush, and filling it with bud, then crush the ball, it's perhaps, the best thing since the fucking wheel.
  8. WUT, I have to try that ^^
  9. My friend used to do this. He was from France, apparently it's done a lot in Europe; but I wasn't too fond of it.

  10. I'm not aware of tobacco stuff - what does the crush ball do?

  11. Its a small ball in the filter that is full if menthol flavoring, it adds menthol flavor to the smoke,
  12. spliffs are okay, id rather have just straight weed nothing tampering with the taste

  13. Menthol + green

  14. Its very fucking good
  15. Yep i do it always have always will. I do smoke J's with no baccy sometimes and now again some blunts.
    Probably has something to do with the fact i'm from the UK.
  16. Yep around here it's called a 'spliff'. Ive done it but idk if i like it better. its pretty similar.
  17. I don't do it to cover the smell... I FIEND spliffs. It's like a cigarette is ok.. and a joint without tobacco is ok... but mix the two.. and i can't stop smoking them..

    DATZ MA SHIIIEETT! (kat williams)
  18. I usually use a little tobacco in mine, most common way in Europe.
  19. i mix it too like
    most people mix it in europe i think
  20. Straight weed is still my favorite way to smoke a joint though. Can't beat that pure flavor and power.

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