Anyone Stay Up All Night Without the Usage of Drugs other than Marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by HippiesRule420, May 26, 2009.

  1. yeah haha at a sleepover a super long time ago we decided to see if we could make it. we were up until like 7am and then took a nap until 10ish, when her brother woke us up and told us it'd be better to just go to bed at night so we wouldn't be all backwards.
  2. What is the point?

    And yes I have, but I work at 3:30 in the morning so my sleeping schedule is all sorts of fucked.

    I would never force myself to stay awake unless there was some reason, to do it for fun just doesn't make any sense to me. Sleeping is one of my favorite pastimes.
  3. Usually I have marathons like this... only my rules are I have to see how long i can stay sleeping :p

    Fuck staying up, I like sleeping more than anything else.
  4. Somewhere around 40 hours during finals week. Had a ton of shit to do and of course I put it off until the last second. Sleeping was so fucking good after I was done.
  5. man i can fall asleep whenever i want lol .

    i think theres something wrong with me actually .
  6. What I hate is after 40 something hours it gets hard to fall asleep, like you want to really bad but forget how.
  7. trip master
  8. With drugs is the only way it makes sense to me?? Otherwise its torture
  9. I've done this a lot. My record is close to 3 days. One of my friends stayed up for about 5 once.
  10. 6 days..only some weed...but I was in a manic episode...first one ever that about surreal...I could write a
  11. only on lyser..... and adde... so no
  12. I have sleeping problems sometimes and I lay in bed some nights for around three hours without being able to fall asleep until I get frustrated and just say up one time I think I went around 40 hours without sleep.
  13. nope cant say i have
  14. 48 hours without sleep is easy, its going beyond 48 that shit gets hard.
  15. Yeah quite often, I even like to do it completely sober, I love being active during the late night early to early morning hours.
  16. I stayed up cuz the parents foudn out I smoke weed and are being dicks. Bleh.

    But longest was like 2 to 3 days.
  17. I pulled an all nighter once with some friends with nothing but a lot of weed, dry ramen, and a ps3... It was mid too, I was extremely tired, and hungry (the dry ramen did not help much) until I got a magical second wind around 5 am... along with a few sunrise bongrips. Then I rode my bike to my dorm room and ate lots of bacon and eggs, and actually stayed up till the next night.
  18. lol nah not really...but if weed is gonna do anything for me its gonna make me fall asleep...maybe 3-4 nights a month ill stay up all nite, but thats with the use of various drugs im not allowed to talk about here
  19. I've only ever stayed up the whole night when I was a kid and bad-ass watching Charlie's Angels over and over again until six in the morning with my girls. Didn't even know what marijuana and other drugs were.*sigh* innocence...

    Since then sleep has become much more important to me :D

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