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Anyone Stay Up All Night Without the Usage of Drugs other than Marijuana?

Discussion in 'General' started by HippiesRule420, May 26, 2009.

  1. The title says it all. For no reason, other than just for the fuck of it. Like I said, any drug other than marijuana does not count. So tweakers stay out. And if so, what's the longest you've ever not gone to sleep for?
  2. I have ya. I think my record was between 36-39 hrs. Likely about 37-38 straight. Had to slap eachother for awhile until we went back outside
  3. Dude I'm aiming for 72 hours rite now. It's gonna be insane.
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    you should either stay in uncomfortable places or i dont know something to keep occupied

    make sure to have an eating plan too since you will lose all track of time
  5. And I'm vegetarian in the first place... I don't get protein as much as meat-eaters, so I probably won't last- that's what she said.

  6. It's not as much fun as you think it is. I once had to drive across state, go to two different partys (each more than 100 miles from my house, and atleast 50 miles between each other), and then drive home right after. No Rest. Getting my shit together, driving, picking people up, etc I was awake about 76 hours. I don't drink alcohol at all, so I just get as high as I possibly can at most partys, since getting drunk isn't my thing. I had alot of NL#5 a friend gave me, so I was nice and toasted for most of my mini-roadtrip. Towards the end, my friend and I were basically gone. The lack of sleep and abundance of Marijuana put me into a really dreamy (but enjoyable) haze. The only problem, surprisingly, was I was kind of nonsensical. Being super high and not sleeping is generally a good quick way to squish out all the logic you used to use.

    After being up for so long, I always kind of hit a self-actualized state. I was driving down the highway at like 3am, no one was on the road, and I had really chill music going (Telepopmusik, to be exact), and I was just super calm. With no one on the road, my friend and I were able to share two nice blunts of stuff she brought (I'm not throwing NL5 into a blunt :eek:), and it was probably the singularly calmest moment of my life, and I don't really know why, but I've remembered it ever since. The partys and all the little journeys inbetween kind of just faded into a giant memory, instead of singular events strung together.
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    if you are serious you can do it. Just needs much focus. I don't know if smoking weed would help. Probably yes though, and alot of it. Maybe enough to be high the whole time plus somemore for when you wake up after the long sleep ;)

    eat some beans or tofu if you need protein. I work in a organic grocery store if you need ideas for protein options

    Life does become almost dreamlike though. I think I was most tired like second...oh shit I stayed up longer than 36 lol. I stayed up like 3 and 1/2 days straight making what..shit 86 hours my god.

    I think the most tired part was around the second 24's afternoon. It was pretty mellow towards the end, I wasn't that tired, just knew I should sleep because I had some shit coming up that I needed to be clearheaded and rested for. If I have a long break, might be fun to go camping and stay up for the whole time or some shit.
  8. It's not supposed to be fun, man. I'm testing myself to see if I can actually go through with it.
  9. Well, we'll see how strong you are then eh? Might be harder if you're not trying to have fun

  10. 48 hours with just weed and Everquest 1 (First mmo I ever played) Played for 30 hours straight then hung out with my girl for another 18 hours.
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    I've been tempted to do it, and I have 2 days coming up hmm, already at what...16 hr.s right now

    but I like sleep screw it ahaha
  12. day or two smokein chronic and playin video games an shit.
    im kind of an insomniac though. i don't go to sleep untill the sun comes up and havnt in years.
  13. yeah.. i know i have, just cant remember cause i was completely obliterated by the end of it... aka sunup. lulz
  14. I have really bad insomnia whenever I don't take my sleep medicine. I've stayed up 4.5 days before I crashed for 20 hours.
    I'm on 60mg of Temazepam to fall asleep.
  15. one night

    not all night, but until like 2 in the morning

    not even a sip of alcohol, in any form

    just weed and cigs
  16. ive done it sober but not high
  17. I do it all the time, more than I should probably.

    The longest I've gone for was 72 hours. No caffeine, that means no coffee, no soda or shit like that.

    It got to the point where I was just so exhausted I felt like I was coming down, my peripheral vision was pretty fucked up, the whole shadow thing going on.

    It's not a good time.
  18. Seriously? I usually don't pass out till around 4 am.
  19. sleeping is just too awesome but i might test myself soon

  20. i usually go out earlier

    like 5 or 6

    cause busses stop running at 1 am

    but i stayed at a friend's house, so it wasn't a problem

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