anyone speak spanish

Discussion in 'General' started by melli, Jun 2, 2009.

  1. i was just wondering if there are any other blades that habla espanol
    im not fluent but id say im okay
    amo fumar mala hierba
  2. Non, mais je parle francais.

    Je fume l'herbe.
  3. Hablo un poquito

    Estudie español por cuatros años
  4. je parle francias po
    yo aprendo espanol por seis anos
  5. yeah I speak Spanish. I'm fluent but usually don't speak it though, unless I'm talking to an older member of my family (grandma, aunts, uncles, etc). Although when some speaks to me in Spanish I usually reply in English.
  6. Je veux fumer l'herbe en France, je pense que ce serait amusement.
  7. retentit l'amusement
    i would like to learn fench its such a pretty language
  8. Francais FTW!!!
  9. Yes i speak it fluently... and lol ewww fumas pasto jibaro?
  10. Yeah, I like French. I took it all through high school.

    I would have liked to take Polish though. I'm pretty much 50/50 Polish and German.
  11. I took a semester of French in college and it sucked out loud

    In Spanish, you pronounce the word exactly how it looks. In French, there are all these little nuances and words where you don't pronounce like half the letters, you just mumble them...I hated every minute of that class.

    I hated Spanish by the end of my fourth year of that, too. Porque!? Porqueeee!?
  12. i wish my HS had portuguese, thats about all anyone here speaks
  13. all the portuguese work at dunkin donuts
  14. Si. Yo naci aqui, pero mis padres nacieron en Cuba. :)
  15. Não, eu sou fluente em português e hebreu

    (No, I'm fluent in Portuguese and Hebrew though)
  16. yo fumo hierba!

    i mluvit i česky.
  17. portugese tambien espanol.
  18. He estudiado espanol por cuatro anos.

    Did I say that correctly, minus the accents?
  19. Yo se un poco. Fumo la mota.
  20. I speak Spanish Spanish alright, it's hard to speak with most Mexicans though (it's not the same as in Spain).

    I speak French and German very fluently.

    A little bit of Japanese, though I would probably get lost in five seconds in Japan without a guide.

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