Anyone speak Pig Latin I need some help??

Discussion in 'General' started by buggy13, Aug 1, 2011.

  1. Could someone translate this for me this girl im talking to is going to use this to keep me awake cant figure it out please help:)
    Pum'rr quich zloaxaton te jet gipt ug ovol unkir ug axadmit ug reso pi Pum
  2. Thats an actual real language? Who the fuck took the time to come up with that?
  3. I dont think thats pig latin

    This is pig latin
    Isthay isway igpay atinlay
  4. idk i think it was some group in the South back in the day :rolleyes: its annoying lol
  5. i put that into a transator and got this out:pum'rr whoever zloaxaton you jet gipt ug ovol unkir ug axadmit ug to enfeeble pi Pum

    it only recognized whoever you and to
  6. dude that doesnt look like any latin I know , admittedly im not very good at latin but still. That looks like some hebrew shit or something
  7. fuckin hieroglyphics, how do they work?
  8. my translator listed it as Czech and it only came out with "pum'rr quich zloaxaton you go gipt ug ovol unkir ug axadmit ug ních PI bombs"

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