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Anyone Smoked With Greengo?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RobzzzTeee, Jan 29, 2011.

  1. Take a look at this:


    Anyone tried using this? Looks popular in Holland so any Dutch please comment your thoughts on this...

    Don't like smoking with tobacco myself, and as us Brits use spliffs all the time, I'd like too try a substitute too a cancer stick..

    If tried anything similar please share, really sick of harsh tasting, dizziness highs.. :(

    Thanks :smoke: :D
  2. Im guessing these are a brand name herbal cigarette?
  3. Indeed it is, suppose too get you higher when rolled with weed too..
  4. What's up with skinny dude and that big woman off to the side when you click "Greengo Taste"?



    And this looks like that psycho chick from the Second season of DEXTER

  5. I think she was smoking it in a spliff haha:smoke:
  6. I think she ate the spliff.
  7. if this is the shit they have in coffee shops for the non tobacco smokers i can tell you straight up its fucking gross

    i'm a smoker so maybe i'm biased but a spliff with this shit is garbage, gave me a bumping headache
  8. haha you should be a comedian man! lol'd at all your comments haha!:smoke:
  9. hmm, worth a try since i absolutely HATE tobacco, well to harsh in my opinion, what's with no tobacco smoking in the coffee shops anyway? Seems kind of stupid...
  10. Well tobacco causes cancer, so it only makes sense to keep it out of indoor establishments.
  11. True, really need to have a trip down there:smoke:
  12. I concur.
  13. the reason this is popular in holland is because amsterdam doesnt allow tobbacco to be smoked in there "coffee shops" any more, and most of the people in europe mix tobbacco with there weed every time they smoke.

    i dont think it is ment to be superior to ciggerettes. just a substitution.
  14. IMHO, if you need to have an additive with your buds, then you're not smoking quality herb.
    I want to taste the bud and not anything else.

  15. roll something pure then, i can't personally vouch for it and have only heard negative things about it from other people (also smokers so maybe its a trend?)

    i understand that tobacco spliffs might be unappealing to non smokers but i personally can't recommended said alternative IF it is indeed what they have in jars at some coffee shops

  16. haha the dutch mix it with tobacco because the herb is top quality and they can't handle a fat pure joint :p
  17. ah you see though most of what UK smokes is hash (because of availability, not weed), and hash needs too be mixed in order to smoke, there is an exception but I'd rather smoke a spliff..

  18. this.

    they have much better climate over there. always good for growing ive heard.
  19. If I could roll a pure bud joint I would, but todays tight money wise, and the cheap hash is all I usually smoke right now, It needs to be mixed with something..

  20. you could hot knife it?

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