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Anyone smoke before you went to school?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by MrFourTwenty, Aug 14, 2011.

  1. I have never went to school baked :(. I might try it sometime soon though :D but im in college so i dont know if its a good idea. lol. Leave your story or how your school day went when you were baked :smoking: .
  2. Its pretty fun, it makes classes a lot more exciting,
    but it does make it a lot harder to think and learn.
  3. yeah used to smoke everyday before school
  4. When I was in highschool my proudest moment was taking my AP european history exam blitzed and passing it. Other than that there were many wonderful mornings in highschool whilst lit... I don't do it before class anymore now that I'm in college though.
  5. I used to smoke at lunch, it just kinda made lessons drag on for me though...
  6. smoking before school is the best haha
  7. yeah, i used to do it. bad idea without eye drops, but no one could ever find that out
  8. I dunno why but the only time I went to school high it was the worst experience ever... Like marijuana connects you better to the world and sometimes you aren't in a pleasant location so you feel the discomfort of being there sober x10000000.
  9. Used to smoke in the woods 20 minutes before class started. Always sucked though because everytime I came down from the high I was in the class with like the only teacher who wouldn't let me sleep D: I hated that cunt. She played favorites and was terrible at hiding it.

    Glad I'm out of that shithole :cool:
  10. My psychology teacher loved weed, he showed us What if Cannabis Cured Cancer in class...nice.
  11. Yeah, i did it 3 times ot so this last year. Its fun, but i wouldnt do it everyday. I got a 96 on a bio test high once XD
  12. In highschool I got a 5/5 on my AP English test, and I took it soooo stoned hahaha....I wrote some pretty ridiculous shit
  13. I didnt start smoking until after I graduated high school so I never went to school danked but I always saw people that went to class with their eyes blood shot red. My school really cracked down on that had dogs sniffing cars like 2-3 times a week and such. I would give anything to go back and smoke before school though.
  14. Hit a mini bong with some friends before school started one morning and at first I thought I'd get caught, but then you accept that no one will know and enjoy being blazed :D
  15. Its pretty fun depending on what class you have. I went to my English class every day baked. This one time I went to wood working high as hell. Teacher called me out, sent me to the office, got suspended for 10 days.
  16. Smoking before highschool is fun as fuck. You get to see all your friends and shit and have easy work to do.

    Don't smoke before a college class, it's your future besides college classes aren't typically as fun as highschool classes.

    I would wait until after class.
  17. I have an hour and 15 mins before some classes. You best believe I'm sparking a joint waiting for class to began. :smoking:
  18. #18 ohms, Aug 14, 2011
    Last edited by a moderator: Aug 14, 2011
    I went to my first Linear Algebra course in CEGEP tripping balls on some weak shwagg, but I was a noob at the time. My teacher looked like a hippie Lenin with crazy eyes and untamed facial hair.

    He did not simplify anything into layman's terms and simply spewed out theorems and proofs the whole time. I was so bad-tripped that I dropped the course.

    Also in my last year English course in high school, I had the most wickedly hot milf teacher of all time. The few times I went to that class high her milfy hotness got to me so hard i got a pistol grip pump on my lap.
  19. Bro above me, all you had to do was deny that shit...

    Also, story of my life. I lived the fuck up out of my senior year of highschool.
  20. Did it a prolly 5 times during lunch, then I'd go to English. It's fun if you're not gonna be uptight about it. Pretty sure my English teacher still blazed, he wore a pot leaf lei and some rasta dreads for Halloween. Easily one of my fav. teachers in high school.

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