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Discussion in 'General' started by Artmmiii, Sep 14, 2001.

  1. Hi Everyone:

    I just received an order that i placed with the shop about a week ago, and I have to tell everyone, The stuff is great!! High quality, and very clean.. I orderd a nice bamboo bong, and 4 pipes -- one pipe is a hand carved wooden job with an inlay wood cover -> AWSOME I loaded a nice clean bud in that one as soon as I opened it, and we can't tell you how great it was. Smooth even smoke that you can take in just the right amount and just the right "enough".
    Can't wait to try the bamboo bong!!! Saving that for after my harvest. Have some Blueberry/Kush that is about a week away from the curring end. the bud tonight was just a taste :smoking: Killer!!!

    Anyway, I encourage, anyone who has not visited and bought from the shop to do so. I ordered a week ago, and BOOM, there it was on my door step. very reliable fast delivery, and very decent packaging. (They might even throw in a couple extras --- you never know) :)

    Anyway, right on superjoint!!! you too kees ;)

    Peace, Love, and Respect to you all,

    Art (the Maestro)
  2. Thanks artmii, free publicity is the best there is :)



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