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Anyone seen Evilbong?

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Metalace, Sep 2, 2007.

  1. The bong from the movie. Anyone know where i could get it ^^
  2. I don't REALLY know but I'm sure that the bong is a one-of-a-kind movie prop kinda thing, you know? Also I'm sure you could get some very similar bongs on the internet/local headshop, perhaps not with the same graphic design but similar none the less.
  3. Hell that bong looks killa
  4. I doubt you will find it lol
  5. No idea but that movie was badass!
  6. Omg Ur From Bama! Respeck Yo!
  7. A great movie. check bittorrent.
  8. I seen a bong like that at a headshop here. The one I saw though was made of of really shitty ceramic.
  9. yea i hate it when they make shitty pieces
  10. that movie was absolutely horiffic.

    Anybody else agree with me that the "stoner movies" like fear and loathing and dazed and confused are interesting, but not really good movies at all?

    dazed and confused was alright id say..
  11. I saw it but i fell asleep cuz it was weird.
  12. I cant believe u said Dazed and Confused wasnt a good movie. Man thats a cult classic.
  13. I can't believe you send Fear and Loathing, and I can't believe you called it a 'stoner movie'.
    Harold and Kumar, Dude Where's My Car - yes they're stoner movies, weed is a big part of the plot and the comedy is heavily stoner derived.
    Neither dazed or confused or FAL fit this description, they're both excellent movies and they're good to watch while high too, I don't agree that they're "not really good movies".
  14. dazed and confused is a great movie. omg i love watching that stoned. and just chill
  15. my friend e-bayed it for under 10 bucks. it dint work as a bong but a couple holes later it hit so smooth.:laughing:
  16. That movie SUCKED.
  17. ^ and thats the truth...corny ass movie.
  18. Any pics of this "Evil Bong." Yes I never use italics for anything else but being stoned, but this calls for it.
  19. i would also like to see a pic of it. cause i hear its a pretty tight bong
  20. This movie was horrible.

    It seemed like a bunch of high school kids acted out this movie.

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