Anyone seen Crash?

Discussion in 'Movies' started by *AnToN420*, Aug 7, 2008.

  1. I'm talking about the 1996 movie Crash starring James Spader? I just finished watching it and it was a totally weird ass movie. Its about this guy and his wife and they get sexually aroused by car crashes and accidents. I dont know, maybe its just me but I was so confused by its strangeness. Any of u blades out there seen it? Help me understand the point of it? LOL
  2. yea man i saw that.

    it was a hell of a lot better than the 2004 polished turd of a film by the same name.
  3. Haha, this whole thread got me riled up that I had already written a giant attack at Paul Haggis before I went back and saw that you were talking about the good Crash.

    It definitely is a weird movie but I love it. What can I say, I am a giant Cronenburg fan and a J.G. Ballard fan.
  4. And here is the rant I wrote out just for stupid's sake.

    I can't stand Crash. I fucking HATE Paul Haggis. there was no subtleness to the movie what so ever. It slapped you across the face every 5 second with its hamfisted message about race and race relation. The only reason people love his movies is because he plays with people's heart strings. And way too much with movies like Leaving Las Vegas and Million Dollar Baby

    Yeah, Million Dollar Baby, hahhaha. Here is a feel good sports drama where you feel for her and the entire movie is about her striving for her goals and shedding her burden. Oh but wait, out of left field she gets paralyzed from the neck down! Oh but she fights back at her family... well I guess that makes up for it.

    Crash just proves that the academy is worthless for so many things. My biggest beef was when they gave The Golden Compass the Best Special Effects awards over Transformers. What the fuck? Are you guys on crack?

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