Anyone seen any good movies lately?

Discussion in 'General' started by BMactoker, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. I'm somewhat of a movie buff and I'm running out of movies that I actually want to see. Anyone got any suggestions for a quality movie?

    I've been watching some Asian horror movies so anyone have any suggestions for that.
  2. spun
    freedom writers
  3. I just watched A Scanner Darkly the other day and it was awesome. You should definatley check it out man:smoke:
  4. I just watched a movie called Knocked Up and it was pretty good, very well done in my opinion and quite funny.
  5. some random good movies

    1408, half nelson, rules of attraction, cocaine cowboys, American psycho, talented mr. ripley, sling blade, shottas, drugstore cowboy
  6. I also just saw 1408, that was pretty good too. For a horror movie anyway, Vacancy was a great horror movie as well... Or would you call that a thriller? Whatever, same shit, different pile, right?! :p
  7. I wanna see that movie. Heard it was badass.

    i'd say vacancy is a thriller, but 1408 was much better imo
  8. Have you seen The Audition. A Japanese movie that I didn't think was that good but it was really twisted.

    Amores Perros is a good Mexican film about the dog fighting scene.

    Usual Suspects is a good movie that everyone has seen.
  9. American Beauty
    Leon the professional
    Fear and loathing
    Where the buffalo roam
    Jar head

    I dont know, great movies I have watched lately again. I hope you've seen them already...if not, well then fuck!
  10. requiem for a dream.
  11. Best movie ever made, hands down, I'm not going to argue with anyone. Not the movie ITSELF, look for the symbolism and the imagery. Once you get past the superficial, surface-examining of the movie, look at it a little deeper......

    OT - Mr. Brooks was a solid movie. Kevin Costner and Dane Cook actually went together REALLY well in it. Check it out next time you're at Blockbuster.
  12. i just saw 1408 and it was pretty good except for the 15 mintues towards the end where we are supposed to believe he is out of the room (didn't buy it).

    Audition is nasty and those are the hidden jewels I am looking for.

    No offense to drug movie lovers but Scanner Darkly and Spun are a little thin, although Requiem is a great movie.

    How is "Where the buffalo Roam"? I heard it pales in comparison to Fear and Loathing but it is worth a glance?

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