Anyone seen 24 series?

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  1. Just finished season 5 and continuing on to season 6. I love watching this television show. :D :smoke:
  2. Kiefer Sutherland A.K.A. Jack Bauer is my main man! Great series if a little repetitive.
  3. i only started watching it by accident last year! i mean i knew about the series but didn't care about it till i saw the 2nd episode of the 8th season, and found out it was good as fuck!! but the last season is the only one i like, i dont care about the other ones!!
  4. It's a really good series, albeit patriotic to the point of almost being considered propaganda.

    I mean, it seems like if someone makes a right turn in their car without signaling properly, Jack Bauer brings them into CTU to be tortured and interrogated.

  5. Jack bauer is the fucking man. I really only watch the premieres and finales though haha
  6. Hell yes 24 is the best show ever
    Jack Bauer is the man
  7. every season jack bauer is some how capable of saving his daughter killing like 70 terrorists with a pistol saving america from some apocalyptic terrorist threat all in under 24 hours hes pretty much rambo and james bond rolled into one
  8. well i know i said i only like the 8th season, but i'v been watching all the seasons on netflix and GODDAMN that show is the shit! non-stop action and at least 1 person dies in every episode!
  9. i fuckin love 24. watched it all over my winter break. probably my favorite tv show ever. cant wait for the movie.
  10. I've watched the first two seasons, so don't take my post the wrong way, but I really didn't like this show too much. It was kind of repetitive. I read somewhere that Jack's wife takes on a tiger and wins :confused: :confused: That alone made me drop the show. I'm all for a good crime show but I think every show based on terrorism is in some way propaganda, like Durchii said.

    Again, I'm not hating, it was a decent show when I watched it, I just lost interest.

    I have a thing about shows dragging on. I prefer just a few seasons of a show with a solid plot, character development, then a solid conclusion. I guess that's why I like anime since it pretty much fulfills that criteria :p
  11. jack doesnt even have a wife after the first season lol. i mean one time his daughter was chased by a mountain lion, and was saved by a tinfoil hatter but thats not quite a wife fighting off a tiger lol.

  12. Lol that must have been it. I watched it so long ago that I don't even remember it. It was at least a few years ago.

    We just don't seem to get along when it comes to TV shows Broses :laughing:
  13. lol i guess not.
  14. I watched them all when they were released. Used to love this show.

    Best season is season 4 for me, just too sick with the American government plotlines and Jack is just too badass for his own good, especially in Season 7 (or 8 maybe, the last one).

    I might have to re-watch 24 now.

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