anyone seem alot of google ads to stop smoking pot?

Discussion in 'General' started by tokin jax, Sep 10, 2009.

  1. I seem to get a lot of google ads to stop smoking cannabis websites, or books on stop smoking cannabis, or whatever else, its always weed related. usually get them when im on the myspace... anyways, anyone else get alot of google ads for this shit?
  2. Have you been searching "stop smoking pot"?
  3. i noticed that when you click on the little button to look at GC's status in the bigboards thing, on the right it will say the forum is about drugs, cannabis, and marijuana growing.

    but below that box is often times an ad for a site that is anti drugs, not the above the ignorance one, but the one with all the flashy photoshopping boarders and they send you free pamphlets about the drugs and shit.
  4. Google generates ads based on the content of the page.

    if your myspace page has any keywords relating to cannabis/marijuana/pot/hemp/etc you'll get related ads.
  5. All the ads i got when i clicked on the board ranking thing were like vaporizer and U.S. pot legal movement shit.
  6. Damn first off props to the poster above me that is.. kermit the frog. dheeheha

    But anyways like I was saying that both sides of this search have advertising so they will both be displaying. On the other hand I have no idea what the snuff this guy is saying. And my brain was blown.

    Ha ;)

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