Anyone see that new twilight?

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  1. I went to the new twilight the other night and thought it was crazy messed up. Has anyone else seen it? I'm wondering what you guys think.
  2. I really hope youre not a guy...
  3. He's a guy I know him.
  4. I wish she had a demon baby. As for the "imprinting" ... That's just nasty.

    Both the movie and novel franchise suck.
    I'm male.
  5. I don't have to see it to know it sucked
  6. Yes My Dear Friend i watched it ,The acting has vastly improved in this movie and it makes a massive difference. I really felt the emotions coming through with a mix of light moments and serious moments for the characters.
  7. When she first gets pregnant I sympathized cuz i was like damn, nobody wants to be pregnant. Shortly after, I realized she was going to die. I could no longer sympathize.
  8. i did unfortunatly. And i gotta say, it kept me up the whole movie. WOuldnt mind seeing the next one. With a female that is .
  9. Fuck the haters, this movie wasnt bad at all.
    It was actually quite good, nah but did anyone else think that Wolfpack scene were they were communicating was corny as fuck? That shit almost ruined it for me
  10. [quote name='"Cursed Assassin"']Fuck the haters, this movie wasnt bad at all.
    It was actually quite good, nah but did anyone else think that Wolfpack scene were they were communicating was corny as fuck? That shit almost ruined it for me[/quote]

    Yah dude, me and my girlfriend were laughing the whole time. Being high and watching that shit was hilarious.
  11. Eh, it was okay. I didn't cream the seat if that's what you're asking. Actually had to repress some snickers...the wolf scene was one. :D I suppose it was a bit better acting wise than the others, but I went to see it with my mom who loves the whole series. I would have waited until it came out on rent if it was just me...not that into it.

    But I'm a Harry Potter kid, so I'm biased. It's just that Twilight doesn't hit me as more than just another tween romance. Decent, but not awesome. :confused_2:

    (Oh, and I'm a girl, if that's not obvious...)
  12. Had to go and see it with my gf it sucks REALY bad all the women started clapping and screaming in the cinema every time the were wolf gezza took his shirt off my gf wants me to see part 2 when it comes out I'd rather shoot my self in the face FACT !!!!
  13. I thought it was stupid when the first one came out... then I gave in and rented twilight. After that I bought the books and loved them. I saw this one twice. It was really good, it kept to the book more then any of the other movies. The wolf scene was dumb as fuck though. I never really thought Kristen or Rob needed help with their acting because I've seen them in other movies and they were great. I thought Taylor needed help and was glad to see his acting improve in this movie.

    Someone mentioned the imprinting... a lot of people think its creepy if they haven't read the books or don't get it. Its not a sexual thing at all. Jacob would be like her protector and her friend as she grew up. Then once she was his age they'd date. Once the wolves imprint they don't even think about sex at all anymore. They don't think about it until whomever they imprinted on is of age.
  14. i saw it awhile ago. i have to say the acting was improved and when mr sparkles busted early i laughed. that imprinting shit was disgusting, since when is pedophilia hot/romantic?
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    I'm a dude. Movie was pretty good. Not gonna hate.

    Thought it was pretty tight when Jacob made the Alpha Wolf back off like a bitch. Make up on Bella was scary good. Bitch looked holocaust status.

    The imprinting isnt completely based off sex. It has to do with protection and complete devotion. The fact that Jacob ages slow as fuck helps. He's not going to skull fuck the baby.
  16. honestly that movie was one of the slowest evolving shitooze i had to witness in a theater. i thought it would be more funny high, but man was i wrong. my highness only increased the fuckery this movie unleashed on my poor brain cells. the story evolves slower than a sloth giving birth to twins. and then the wolf guy. man he sure cant act for shit. i mean DAMN he cant act at all. plus if you think about it it had this really weird abortion messages.

    just my opinion.
  17. Saw it twice, and I do have a girl haha.
    But not gonna lie it was good.

    And Mairuzu your 100% right on everything!
  18. Its funny because my girlfriend was a little upset that this was the first twilight she saw that wasnt at the midnight opening day cause her friends bailed this time. So we get into the theater on a random wednesday and there are about 3 couples in the theater and as im sitting down i just look at all the dudes and ask "Oh so you guys go stuck here too?"

    They got a good luagh and sunk their head down and said "yeah" hahaha. Then more couples came in and we all knew.
  19. Glad I've never had to watch these shit movies

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