Anyone see that movie the beach bum?

Discussion in 'Stoner Movies & Documentaries' started by tawmsoyer, Jun 22, 2019.

  1. its got Mathew mcconnehey or however you spell that. I liked it way more than i expected. Makes me feel lighter and optimistic about life :)
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  2. We thought it was really really bad, one of his worst movies
  3. Damn. Mcconnaghey or Korine's worst? And also we as in grass city?
  4. I tried to watch it twice now but no luck the picture quality was crap for us.

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  5. ..can't be infinite movies...
  6. I thought it was kind of bad... The “plot” (if you want to call it that) seemed kind of circular and aimless, and the character development was lacking. The main character seemed to have flashes of brilliance, like when he quoted Baudelaire, but there was no backstory explaining how he would have been exposed to anything that “esoteric” at any point in his life. It just didn’t make sense.
  7. Must apologize..I'm still learning..
  8. Don't worry Tawnsoyer I have not seen this but I will have to check it sometime. If its a positive film im sure iwill like it :)


  9. Must be real it went over my head and all them guys that send me the poop

    I'll catch up and post back
  10. The movie is pretty damn rough, but there are some lines in it that are absolute fuckin gold
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  11. So i finally watched it made it till about 20mins past his loss (dont wana spoil it) and shut it off, it was just too stupid for me

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