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Anyone Ride Motorcycles High?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Gopher Toker, Jun 4, 2009.

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    How many blades out here blaze and ride? I am looking into getting a street bike, Honda CBR600, mainly for commuting to and from school but recreational use as well. Now I'm a pretty good stoned driver, sometimes prefer it, but am wondering if people do the same with motorcycles.

    Once i become a confident rider would it be safe to blaze and ride, and it is not like I would be going all over the place baked out of my mind because ill still have my car, but more so like just riding home from a friends house, most of which are within a mile from like everything.

    and yes.... holy run-on-sentence batman!
  2. Yea it's fucking intense. I love it!
  3. Do you notice any loss in reaction time or anything? Because while im driving im never off beat.
  4. I toke and ride a 1100 Honda Sabre (old bike but lots of power) and do just fine. I wouldn't ride with anything on me though, because a bike doesn't have a lot of space to stash anything. I'm also going to pass on a bit of advice that my Grandfather told my Father "when riding a motorcycle you have to not only ride, but drive everyone else's vehicle" that means make eye contact with the people around you and make sure they see you so you don't get run over... good luck and ride safe my man!

  5. +Rep for passing on some GREAT advice........:hello:
  6. ^^^ This is what will keep you safe.

    Never think that some one won't randomly cut into you. Ive had it happen to me, and have properly positioned myself in the lane to be able to react in time.

    Riding high is... Fucking sweet. Get yourself some nice smoke on a sunny day and hit some twisties. Nothing beats taking a corner high at 60mph, with your knee just about scrapping the ground. Gives you a brief glimpse of how pro circuit racers must feel all day long on the track.
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    I ride dirt bikes blazed, but have not tried a street legal bike atm. Tell us how it goes dude.

    They portrayed it in Easy Rider, so I'm assuming it wouldn't be too dangerous. Excellent logic.
  8. Thanks for the Rep, I've lived on this advice, even when driving a car. It's saved my but countless times. you have to remember that you are putting your life into the hands of complete strangers coming at you with thousands of pounds of steel and horsepower and it is up to you to be noticed.

    enjoy the ride...:smoking:

  9. Yup. I rode bikes when Nortons, Triumphs and BSA's ruled the road (owned and rode a few of those) and never once laid the bike down, partly due to using that advice you gave (although I never heard it put quite that way) and partly due to luck.

    But I never rode high. I guess because riding itself was a high. Haven't ridden is a very long time and I miss it. Remember sitting around feeling a bit tense, hopping on the Norton for a 10 min. spin and coming back feeling REALLY good. Must have been an endorphin high, but what ever it was, it was better than weed.

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