Anyone Remember These Old Games?

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by Stoned342, May 25, 2013.

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    Nope, though both look pretty interesting.
    I really enjoyed the Playstation they had a lot of fantastic titles and unique ones at that.
    Trap Gunner
  3. I used to play a game called jungle strike on the Sega genisis. I used game genie to cheat. Ah,,,,memories!
  4. i had this back in '96. it was first on my demo disk that came with my first Playstation, then i bought the full copy. i cant find this game anywhere. i check eBay occasionally to see if it pops up. 

  5. holy shit, i use to LOVE that game!! i haven't seen it for yonkkkkkks
  6. did anyone ever play this game? one of my favourites.

    Nope, ever played this:
  8. yep, that was a pretty good game too. i can't even remember half of this games till i see them haha
  9. I had a dreamcast lol
  10. Syphon Filter was the shit! I haven't played any of those other games, but I have heard of Intelligent Qube. Looks like a fun game
  11. I remember most of these ps1 games. That system was the shit. I remember fiending this game when I got my ps1.
  12. <sup>Devil dice! fuck that game was addictive. cool tunes on it too.</sup>

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