Anyone refill a carbon filter?

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    I found the coal based carbon for my filter, i have one of these

    i know they can be refilled, im just unsure. i think its rivited, ill need to go get a rivit gun.

  2. Just yank the rivets out and replce em with screws so next time its easy. The guy at my local hydroshop showed me how and even sells the refill carbon that phresh uses
  3. Im going to call my local hydro guy then to see if he carrys the refill.
  4. How long after you buy this thing do you have to change the carbon, like does it smell very strong

  5. I'm sure each carbon filter has a different life span depending on carbon used to refill as well. But if it smells change it
  6. Well i found out that some filters vary in quality, my HTG Supply filter is about to be taken apart ill post photos soon of the difference. Im filling it up with phresh carbon.
  7. if worst comes to worst talk to a large tropical fish / aquarium place
    I know for a smaller filter I was a a local famous pet store.... that aint so "smart" LOL
    & I picked up a box of activated charcoal I was able to refill my filter "but what a F%*K'n mess ..... LOL oh where a mask too its like a black cloud if your in too much of a hurry

    the larger aquarium filters are likely refillable so they would be getting it from somewhere
  8. Yeah....
    Just get what the hydro store sells it is made for cleaning air not water...
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    just an FYI its all the same

    Activated carbon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    but you right your best bet is the hydro store but..
    if you don't have, can't or won't go to the grow store

  10. Its not all the same. Sure there are very similar parts but it is in no way the "same" the way the carbon is made pourous for air is different then water. That is why phresh makes their own it has optimal AIR flow and last longer.
  11. My local hydro store carried the phresh refill carbon, so when I get back from my vacation Ill refill the filter and see how big of a difference it makes.

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