anyone recognize these?

Discussion in 'Picture Post Archive' started by dirtydingusus, Aug 1, 2003.

  1. i love this time of year....

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  2. its so nice to have a morrning walk .....produce such a lovely little present...

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  3. Jelly fish on sticks!!!

    have fun with the freshies.... make some space cakes or tea....
  4. first spore prints.....then we can eat them....
  5. are those shrooms? Ive never seen them freshly picked only dried.
  6. how are you for sure they have psilocybe or whatever in them? im just wondering just in case i happen to come across some in a cow pasture. ;0
  7. nice caps, we have tons and tons of those here in Florida, makes me want to take a "trip" this weekend! thanks for a good idea!
  8. Maaaaan I wish I could go for a walk and find shrooms! NO ONE I know can get shrooms. Noooo one.. I'm in Missouri. I know people that have been into weed for 9 years, I know some older folks who have toked for 25 years or so, and they can't find SHIT. No shrooms, no acid, no nothin..
    What do you guys know about growing your own in the US? I think I read somewhere that you can order spores or whatever and the kit online, and it's legal, as long as you don't actually grow it? I'm gonna look into this.. I could make some money being the ONLY supply out of like the 100 somethin people I know.
  9. i believe they are legal until thy're dried.... but im not sure
  10. how do u kno there psilocybe? dose anyone know whree to get salvia seeds? There are many places you can get scientific "spore kits" for scientific use only, they sell kits to grow them in and all you do is leave them in a cubbord under a bed ina garage, it just has to be xtremely moist and dark if possible.
    under exotics the australians are great...
    have a nice one

    o yes its only illegal to dry them (process) and if you dont do that right it dosnt do anything anyway;...
  11. ok ...the law veryes from state alot so look it up if you want to realy know.....

    i know they are the ones i want becouse i have been picking them from the same place for about 12 years seince i was 17...

    if you want to pick them your self the best thing to do is find some one who has picked them and eaten them before .....and "knows"what they are looking for!

    go to look arround for the mushroom section and you will find pics and faq on identifying them!

    once you find one you will always look for more!!!!!!
  12. shrooooms! nice!
  13. man i breathed in my own face when i was on shrooms... it was nuts
  14. hehe, not only do me and dingus share the same hair, but the same passions too it would seem.

    finding our own shrooms from the same spot year after year,
    smoking the sweet sweet herb...
    going to "choich". ;)


    those shrooms look a billion times easier to find than the tiny little babies we have to hunt. in a couple months when mushroom season here really kicks off i'll try to post as many detailed pics of them as possable.
  15. yeah digi...they can be easy to find ...espesaly when they are big!

    i have found them as small as the tip of your pinky and as big as a dinner plate!!

    all growing right next to one another.....

    but yeah the average ones here are about 2 inches accrossed the cap..
  16. hey dirtydingusus
    you think i'll be able to find some shrooms when i get to fl?
    maybe i can trade some of my bud for some shrooms there [​IMG] we don't get too much shrooms here,but they do come around somtimes.
  17. depends on when you get here!

    right now would be a good time...

    and yes people who know where to find shrooms will trade you for bud....

    they should be plentyfull at least till the begining ofoctober ...but they can still be found affter that most years just depends on the weather...
  18. I'll be in st pete before oct. so maybe i can find some shrooms there.
  19. hmm..looks nice!

    My first time shroomin is coming soon..i'll be sure to post it in first-time-trip thread :)

  20. same here, going to do it with my frinds and hang out all day, my parents are leaving, so I dont have to get paranoid about thinking people think that im triping...hmmm


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