Anyone receive the Weed Star Double Bubbler 2.0 yet?

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    I know this has only been in the shop a few weeks, but I was wondering if any of you blades have ordered/received it yet.

    I'm DYING to hear how this thing smokes. Ordered mine 4/28 and still waiting, I'm about to kill myself lol!

    So do any of you guys have this piece?
  2. I ordered around the same time, and I'm really optomistic. It looks like a quality piece with some sick showerhead diffusion. If you get yours before I get mine let me know how it hits and I'll do the same.:bongin:
  3. Oh, it's 100% worth the money bro! After the few vids I've seen and the few reviews I've read, it's worth every penny.

    But once I get mine I plan to do a full review with some HQ pics, HD vids, and a smoke report...but cant do it until I get it lol.

    What day did you order? And did you use the cheaper shipping? Never again will I use the cheaper shipping here on GC...never!
  4. those are nice pieces, how much are they going for??
  5. oh thats not bad, ill be waiting for the review :smoking:
  6. Just checked, and I guess I just ordered it yesterday? must be confusing it with another order. I did use the cheaper shipping, however. Why do you advise against the cheap shipping?

    And there's no doubt in my mind it's worth the money, that's what finally got me to buy a weedstar piece. Double bubbler with a removable 29.2 showerhead and a periscope mouthpiece for under 70 bucks? Insane price.

  7. Ahh, weird. The reason I advise against it is because:

    a) There's no tracking at all, so from the day you order to the day you get it you have no fucking clue where it is

    b) I've read about people using cheaper method and getting shit in 5 weeks - then SAME PERSON used faster method and got a different item in just 8 days

    c) It's usually less than $10 extra, and for the above 2 reasons (to me) it's totally worth it

    And hell yeah man, just the removable shower head alone made it worth it in my book!
  8. this will be my next peice, But good to know to pay for the faster ship.
  9. yeah ive never payed for the faster ship. it always comes in under 2 weeks.
  10. ah well, I hope it gets here eventually. I'm dry on bud and I've got a brand-new piece I've yet to even try, so I'm not stressing about time. New cities suck =(
  11. Wow, I looked right past this. I didn't realize it had a showerhead diffuser.

    For the price it seems decent to me. Fairly large, showerhead diff., glass on glass, 5mm glass.

    My only complaint from first glances is as far as looks, personally I think the logo is ugly, Id rather the whole thing be clear, but that's minor. :p

  12. Really?? Well I ordered mine 4/28, so it's been 2+ weeks. Every day I'm crossing my fingers that it comes lol, so cross 'em for me today :D!

    Damn that sucks man. What other piece do you have?

    You really cant go wrong at all with this piece. It has everything a good (or great) bubbler should have, and all for less than $100. This = win.

    Anyways, if mine does come today I will completely shit my pants.
  13. yeah but idk how they've been lately i havent ordered from GC in awhile. probably around 420 they were really busy so thats why everythings slow.

  14. On top of that the dub bub 2.0 hasn't been in stock for more than a day since 4/20 I dont think. Ziggi and SJ said they were waiting on some shipments and stuff, so I think that's added to it.

    But I'm really hoping mine comes soon man, god...I'd kill for it to come today!

  15. An Everest 19" beaker bottom with a 10 arm, I've got a SSFG bundle on the way to help outfit it, but atm I've just got the tube. My avatar is the worked section on the arms :D
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    Damn, cant wait to see some pics/vids of all that in action!

    Also...she's here :D! Posting a thread now, will update with a link once I post it!

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