anyone read that Left Behind series?

Discussion in 'The Great Indoors' started by Peter Potter, May 10, 2010.

  1. I grew up very religious, cover to cover of the bible 3 time. You know that kid that had nothing to say unless it had to do with the bible, well that was me at one time (bout 10 year ago).

    My mom wants me to read the Tim Lahayes book. the left behind ones. It's christian fiction about revelations. I'm gonna do it partly cause somewhere in my head I think my parents know I started smoking pot so maybe they wont think I'm burnt out, =p
    (I have NO IDEA at all what they think about pot)

    I just wanna know if they are any good... Least they are cheap books, shipping cost me more then the first book.
  2. I actually read a few of these books. They were interesting, but it is indeed all fiction of how they think the "end days" will play out.

    the movies are good.. Kirk Cameron FTW! lol

  3. When I was a christian I always had my head in the sand even to many other christian things (mostly fiction & music ..... if you ever heard of Stryper), so I never knew KC was even a christian untill a bud of mine told me I just HAD to see fire proof (I think)... About 30 min into the movie I called him up ... WTF is this KC in a christian film? And when I stopped being a christian I guess I just never heard about him then.

    Just goes to show how out of touch ppl can be =p
  4. when i was hanging with the born again crowd, I was all about the Christian stuff. Since I used to love book stores and music stores... I started going to Jesus Book and Gift and Family Christian stores and buying stuff there all the time.

    I still kinda like some of the worship music...tho I rarely ever hear it or listen to it anymore

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