Anyone read Jane Robets "Seth" books?

Discussion in 'The Bookshelf' started by sensimil, Aug 10, 2002.

  1. I was just wondering if anyone is into Jane Roberts and her "Seth" works..
    Ive just started "The Nature of Personal Reality"
    It *very* interesting so far..It took me a lil bit to get into and understand how the book was written, but I understnad she has a series about "Seth"
    so anyone read any of her work?
  2. I can agree with you there...Im def into the content..It sometimes though, seems to repeat itself, but its like only reinforcing the information "seth" is giving us..I like this book so far..but Im only catching it here and there now, as it started to slow down a lil..Im hoping it'll pick up again, I think the concepts and ideas are hitting close to home with me.
  3. I haven't heard of her. Fill me in!

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